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What Kevin Chapman Wants For Det. Fusco On Person Of Interest

Written by Blue Finch   // August 6, 2013

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What Kevin Chapman Wants For Detective Fusco On Person Of Interest


During the San Diego Comic-Con Person of Interest panel discussion last month, Kevin Chapman who plays Detective Lionel Fusco discussed his character and summed him up nicely in one word – “Conflicted”. While speaking to the audience, Mr. Chapman stated that he believes his character is trying to return to the once heroic image of how Lionel saw himself when he first wanted to be a cop.


While speaking with reporters at Comic-Con, Chapman discussed every thing from his hopes for Fusco in season three, how HR might affect his character, working with other characters from the show and how the fans spoiled a story line he had pitched for Fusco.


As season three begins for Person of Interest, Chapman’s looking forward to the changes in Fusco’s relationship with Detective Jocelyn Carter (Taraji P. Henson) now that she will no longer have the access in the department that she use to enjoy. He hopes that his character may learn more about the Machine, but continue to avoid jail which is a possibility because of his past indiscretions.


Given the opportunity, Kevin Chapman would like to work more with Michael Emerson. In season one, they seemed to do more scenes together. One that stuck out in his mind was when the two of them were walking down the street together and he was eating a hot dog. “It was so much fun,” said Chapman.


In Person of Interest 2×08 Til Death, Fusco goes on a blind date. Chapman had pitched an idea to executive producer Greg Plageman that his character would fall in love and then discover that she was working for Officer Patrick Simmons (John Robert Burke) and HR. Much to Kevin’s disappointment, the fans took to twitter immediately after the show aired and spoiled the storyline before it even got going.


Even with this setback, Chapman does not believe that HR is done with Fusco yet. Since they were unsuccessful at having Fusco caught for his past crimes thanks to Carter, they are vulnerable in some ways, but they will continue to watch him. We will have to wait and see what happens.


“Fusco [has] his chest all puffy, but really behind it, the subtext of it all, is that Fusco’s really fearful of this thing,” according to Chapman.


Mr. Chapman believes that trust and love are difficult for these broken characters on Person of Interest. Although when asked about working with supermodel Karolina Kurkova in POI 2×12 Prisoner’s Dilemma, he stated that Fusco has charms that are irresistible. Enjoy the entire article about Person of Interest’s Kevin Chapman by’s Catriona Wightman.


Person of Interest is airing reruns on CBS in its new timeslot on Tuesdays at 10/9c following NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles. These program lineup should ensure high ratings for the network. The third season premiere POI 3×01 Liberty is scheduled for September 24.


What Kevin Chapman Wants For Detective Fusco On Person Of Interest



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