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Video Highlights Person of Interest 3×19 Most Likely To

Written by Blue Finch   // April 3, 2014

Tertiary Operations Most Likely To

Video Highlights Person Of Interest 3×19 Most Likely To


This episode, Most Likely To, was so full of surprises. The first number, Leona Wainwright died when the taxi she was in exploded within the first few minutes. We found out the cab driver was really a member of Vigilance. Though her time as a POI was very brief her death had some negative, maybe lasting effects. Leona worked for the government, and was in charge of running security clearances for any employee who might work for classified operations, Northern Lights (the Machine) being one.


Meanwhile another number had come in and Shaw and Reese were sent to the current number’s high school reunion. Finch and Fusco traveled to Washington, DC to investigate why Vigilance killed Leona and find out why and if something she had access to was part of it. Of course the FBI beat them to Leona’s office. Finch had to plot how to crack Leona’s safe that was now in FBI lockup to see hard copies of the files kept in it, as the digital records had been wiped clean.


We saw a bit of comedy as Shaw had issues being Betty, and Reese found out from some still very angry women Frank wasn’t a very nice boy in high school. But not all was fun and games when Reese had a run-in with another Vigilance operative and discovered the group was targeting him and Shaw.


Oh the number Matthew Reed ended up the perpetrator, not the victim. Seems nerdy Doug, the catering mogul, had been responsible for Matthew’s high school girlfriend Claire’s death. Matthew had tricked Doug into confessing and was threatening to kill him. But just when Reese and Shaw step in to intervene, Vigilance shows up to eliminate the two team members. The number and his victim get caught in the shootout.


Root contacts Shaw in the middle of the craziness apologizing for giving up their location to Vigilance. She had to find out how the group was communicating. Root intercepted a radio transmission (how Vigilance now contacts one another) and has to hurry. Harold is in trouble.


In Washington Finch has managed to crack the safe and get the records including the ones about Northern Lights. But Collier is there and takes the records and tries to take Finch too. Root gets there in time to save Harold but Collier gets away with the records.


Vigilance leaks the info about Northern Lights to the press. Control ends up shutting down Indigo, the government program receiving the relevant numbers. TM reroutes the relevant numbers to its tertiary operation, Root.


I am glad to see the Machine is still continuing its primary function even though the government is not taking its calls. It is frightening in a way to think that Root is now the one getting the relevant numbers. Is that why the Machine had Root carrying out missions to build its own group of assets?


I know that Shaw and Reese had some kind of cover story explaining who the masked gunmen were and why they all were in a gun battle in a high school chemistry lab that kept them from being taken into custody along with Matthew and Doug. I wonder what it was.



Opening Sequence Most Likely To

Trouble in Washington DC, The POI, Assignments

Class Reunion

 Eyes on The Number-Finch’s Plans

Vigilance Is After Reese and Shaw

Chem Lab Shootout-Finch Cracks Safe

Collier Catches Finch-Root Intervenes

Out Of Operation

Person of Interest airs on CBS Tuesdays 10/9c.



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