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Person of Interest – TV Guide’s Natalie Abrams’ Mega Scoop

Written by Blue Finch   // April 17, 2014

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Person of Interest – TV Guide’s Natalie Abrams’ Mega Scoop


Got any Person of Interest spoilers? — Brent

Carrie Preston will return in the April 29 episode as Finch’s former flame Grace, but don’t expect a romantic reunion. In fact, given the war between Decima and Team Machine, Grace’s return is probably the last thing Finch wants.  “Finch created [the Machine] as a black box… to avoid a situation where someone with absolute power could corrupt absolutely,” executive producer Jonathan Nolan says. “Samaritan doesn’t have any of those checks in place, so Greer and Decima are free to use it to give them as much leverage as possible over their enemies. Harold Finch has precisely one point of leverage — and that’s Grace.”


Now that Death Benefit has aired, the press release for Person of Interest “Beta” and the spoiler from TV Guide’s Natalie Abrams has become a bit clearer and more ominous. In the ending sequence Samaritan is online and has 24 hour access to government surveillance feeds of NYC. Finch has disappeared but Samaritan is uncovering Harold’s aliases, his connection with Nathan Ingram and I am sure hidden in there is the alias Grace knew him by and her picture.


Harold distanced himself once to protect Grace and now maybe he’s left Reese and Shaw to protect them. Harold leaves people he cares about because he believes that will keep them safe. His enemies, Greer being one, do not care about who they hurt, but understand other humans do. And Harold Finch cares. Greer has no problems using an innocent person like Grace Hendricks to “get rid of those obstacles.” Harold Finch is Greer’s biggest obstacle and Grace is his ‘bait’ to lure him out of hiding. Will Greer succeed by using Grace, will Finch’s friends find a way to keep her safe or will Harold turn himself in to save them all??


Promo Death Benefit Finch

  Finch Before He Goes Into Hiding

What is going through Finch’s mind at this moment? Doubt in his Machine? Regret allowing the congressman to live? Sacrificing himself to save lives; Reese’s, Shaw’s, others’?


Harold Finch Disappears

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Person of Interest airs Tuesdays 10/9c on CBS



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