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Season 4 So Far – Favorite Episode Least Favorite Vote Now!

Written by Blue Finch   // December 28, 2014

Season 4 Person of Interest poll

Season 4 So Far – Favorite Episode Least Favorite Vote Now!

Seems like just last week that Person of Interest season 4 began. Now we are at the mid-season point and ten episodes have aired in 2014. Everyone has a favorite episode and one that well… was NOT.


There’s not much new to bring to you that I haven’t already and I just love to take polls here on the fan site. For this week I thought it would be fun to find out which episodes were viewer favorites and of course–let’s face it, not every episode knocks your socks off–those viewers thought were awful. If you loved them all, pick the one you loved the most in poll one and vice versa in poll two; if you hated them all, pick the one you hated the least in poll one and vice versa in poll two. For a refresher you can view the air dates and synopses of each episode on IMDb for Person of Interest season 4 thus far then skip to the surveys or read the episode recaps below.

Panopticon” – Forced to take on new identities created by Root, the team tries to adapt to their new lives. However, some find it hard to ignore The Machine’s numbers, which puts them all at risk of being detected by Samaritan.

Nautilus” – Although Finch insists that he no longer wishes to help with new numbers, his interest is piqued when Reese learns that the newest POI is a brilliant college student engaged in a mysterious, life-and-death scavenger hunt.

Wingman” – Finch recruits Fusco to stick close to the latest POI, a professional “wingman,” but learning how to approach women soon becomes the least of his worries. Meanwhile, Reese must find a way to play by the rules at his new day job as the Machine sends Finch and Root on a mysterious errand.

Brotherhood” – Reese’s cover job as a detective at the NYPD becomes complicated when the young brother and sister he’s protecting become targets of a gang investigation.

Prophets” – Finch is suspicious when a gifted political pollster’s number comes up at the same time that his typically ironclad predictions go wrong, and believes that the two events are linked. Meanwhile, Reese is sidelined by a direct order from Captain Moreno.

Pretenders” – Reese, Shaw and Fusco must protect a unassuming office worker who stumbles into a dangerous conspiracy while moonlighting as fake detective.  Meanwhile, Finch travels to Hong Kong as part of his academic cover identity.

Honor Among Thieves” – Shaw joins a team of international thieves in order to keep tabs on the latest POI, but an unexpected turn of events puts her in danger of being detected by Samaritan.  Also, Finch and Root undertake a dangerous sabotage mission.

Point of Origin” – Reese volunteers as an NYPD police academy instructor in order to keep an eye on a talented young officer whose suspicious actions make him question her motives. Meanwhile, Martine – armed with information from Samaritan – hunts a member of the team.

The Devil You Know” – Reese and Finch are caught in a power struggle for control of the city’s gangs when Elias is targeted by Dominic, the ambitious leader of the Brotherhood.  Meanwhile, Root and Shaw disagree over how to handle a new threat from Samaritan.

The Cold War” – Samaritan shows its power by erasing crime from the city for a day in an attempt to force The Machine out of hiding.


 Poll one

 Poll two

Get ready! Season 4 Returns January 2015


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Person of Interest returns Tuesday Jan 6, 2015 10/9c on CBS



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