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Promotional Pictures for POI 4×14 – Guilty

Written by Blue Finch   // February 4, 2015

Harold Finch, Guilty, Person of Interest

Promotional Pictures for POI 4×14 – Guilty


In Person of Interest season 4 episode fourteen, Guilty, we know The Machine sets up Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) or Finch’s alias Professor Whistler to sit in on the jury of a murder trial. In the promotional photos Harold is in the juror box listening to the proceedings and talking to another one of the jurors, Emma. (Blaire Brown) Is she the juror that will rig the trial? How? Is the defendant guilty and someone making sure they are acquitted? Or the opposite–is the defendant innocent and being railroaded?


I am sure some fans are elated to see the return of Zoe Morgan (Paige Turco) who was last seen working under cover with the team in the episode Lady Killer. Zoe is once again helping John and Harold on a case. They have an information board set up in one picture that Zoey is standing in front of. Harold seems to be quite animated about something in two others. It’s nice to see them in the safe-house once again. (I guess Samaritan didn’t find its existence was linked in any way to Harold Finch.)


How will Ms. Morgan help Finch and Reese? Is she aware of how things have changed in the city and state–political and otherwise–since the last time? What is Harold worried or upset about in the photos that he is seen talking to John? Of course I am glad to see John is watching out for Harold there at the courthouse. The question I always find myself asking now is the POI related in any way to the AI or criminal wars of Person of Interest season four?

Guilty – Press Release and Synopsis


Guilty” – When the Machine arranges for Finch (Michael Emerson) to sit on the jury of a murder trial, he begins to suspect that a fellow juror is set to rig the proceedings. Meanwhile, Reese (Jim Caviezel) begins to open up to the department’s therapist (Wrenn Schmidt-Iris).

Promotional Pictures  for 4×13 – Guilty

Person of Interest “Guilty” airs on Tuesday Feb 10 10/9c on CBS



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