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Promotional Photos for Person Of Interest 4×19 ‘Search and Destroy’

Written by Blue Finch   // April 4, 2015

Person of Interest. Search and Destroy, promo photos

Promotional Photos for Person Of Interest 4×19 ‘Search and Destroy’


Hello and welcome back. Person of Interest Fans is now under new management, namely me, Blue Finch. The site disappeared for a few weeks and some posts were lost in the move—I am sorry for that. We are back now, in our new home—up and running. Which is just in time for the newest episode, Search and Destroy, which will be airing in four days.


The nineteenth episode of Person of Interest Season 4 is almost here. Can you believe that? Search and Destroy looks to be the first in the line of episodes that leads to the season ending finale of Person of Interest. The question still remains, is episode 22, YHWH, a season or series finale? CBS has yet to officially give the nod for a fifth season of Person of Interest. I have mixed feelings about that, but I digress. Here are the promo photos released by CBS for the next episode.


Root (Amy Acker) is sitting alone at a table somewhere. Where we don’t know, yet we can tell she is undercover. Look at that dark black wig.


At some point everyone, including the number, Rajiv Khan (Aasif Mandvi) end up at the safe-house, eating Chinese food. By the look on John Reese’s (Jim Caviezel) face, the cabbage rolls aren’t that great. Root and Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) are really intent as they look over contents on a laptop screen. Maybe the same thing Rajiv was looking at on it. Finch and Rajiv Khan have a conversation at the table as Samantha Groves listens in from her seat on the sofa.


Root and John Reese are loading up the SUV, while two people—whom it appears to be the POI and Finch—are standing in front of the vehicle.


Rajiv Khan is seen in one photo trying to escape from or get into what looks like a locked metal cage door.


I am not going to speculate what is going to happen from the promo photos I just hope this episode is worth the wait of two weeks

Search and Destroy Press Release Synopsis


“Search and Destroy” – Reese and Finch scramble to protect a software CEO (Aasif Mandvi) when his behavior becomes increasingly erratic following a hacker attack that reveals all his secrets and unravels his life.

Promotional Photos For 4.19 ‘Search and Destroy’

Promo Clip 4.19 Search and Destroy

Person of Interest newest episode, Search and Destroy, airs Tuesday April 7 10/9c on CBS



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