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Preview for Person of Interest 3×19 Most Likely To…

Written by Blue Finch   // March 27, 2014

Michael Emerson, Harold Finch

Preview for Person of Interest S03E19 “Most Likely To”


In the next exciting episode of Person of Interest titled, Most Likely To, Reese (James Caviezel) and Shaw (Sarah Shahi) attend a high school reunion posing as alumni to keep eyes on the latest number–Matthew Reed (Nestor Carbonell) and from the promo, it looks like Reese and Shaw do more than mingle. A shoot out in the chemistry lab? Shaw doesn’t sound to optimistic about her chances of survival. Reese is in that lab too returning fire. They will get out of their predicament I am sure, but how?


Meanwhile Finch (Michael Emerson) and Detective Fusco (Kevin Chapman) travel to Washington D.C. to investigate what was behind Vigilance’s latest attack. I am afraid for Finch, as it looks like he and Collier (Leslie Odom), the apparent ringleader of the group, meet face to face. They know about the Machine apparently (Collier repeats almost word for word Finch’s introduction at the beginning of the show) and want to make it their next target. Finch tries to warn him that “jeopardizing” the Machine puts them all in great danger. Will Collier listen?


Things are not looking too good with explosives being set to blow as there is an unknown someone attaching a bomb to some doors. We are left to wonder, is the bomb near Finch, or is it at the high school where Reese and Shaw are seen in a gun battle.


I really do not want to contemplate this ending…Who is most likely to make it out alive?


Oh by the way, our favorite Ma’am is back. Control (Camryn Manheim) isn’t in the promo but I am sure she has something unpleasant to add to our heroes’ troubles. Or maybe she’ll surprise us all and offer assistance. She stands to have as much to lose if the Machine is attacked.


 Most Likely To Promo

Person of Interest, Most Likely To, airs Tuesday, April 1, 10/9c on CBS.



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