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Poll: Person of Interest post ‘Guilty, Q & A, and Blunt’

Written by Blue Finch   // February 27, 2015

Person of Interest. Guilty, It's You and Me Again

Poll: Person of Interest post ‘Guilty, Q & A, and Blunt’


After the Team lost Shaw, John Reese and Harold Finch were in agreement they couldn’t risk bringing anyone new into their mission. Detective Fusco was determined to keep on helping with the numbers, nevertheless, for his own safety—well as safe as anyone can be assisting them—Reese and Finch keep Lionel out of the loop. So it’s really back to Reese, Finch, and the Machine. They still have Samaritan to deal with—especially with the AI’s latest plans to draw Finch out—but these last three episodes have Reese in the field, Harold on the coms, and Lionel Fusco as backup. I like the back to the beginning feel the past three episodes. What do you think?




 Guilty – Why I Hired You

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