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Point of Origin – Has The Storm Arrived? Vote Now!

Written by Blue Finch   // November 19, 2014

Point of Origin Person of Interest Reese

Point of Origin – Has The Storm Arrived? Vote Now!


Point of Origin wasn’t as much about the number as it was setting up what is going to be dark, dangerous, and deadly confrontations between the team, the criminal element trying to take over New York City and the forces of Samaritan taking over, well everything. Reese got to be the hero saving the POI of the week. Dani Silva’s story was not unique: an undercover officer so far undercover no one knew except her handler who was killed. Silva was being set up because she found the mole in the police academy. Detective Riley with help from Bear captured the cadet who helped in framing Silva of the murder of her handler, saving the man’s life in the process. Finch and Reese working together again in each other’s ears and Bear’s heroics were some highlights in the number’s story but it was just a prologue to the confrontations I mentioned.


Dominic was the one behind it all. It was all a set-up to steal police files, files filled with information on Carl Elias. The number was only targeted because she discovered who Dominic’s inside man was. A man who became useless once he’d stolen the files, who had only stolen them because Dominic had threatened his uncle. Now armed with the information in the stolen files, Dominic is going to find the relationship that can help him break the ranks of Carl’s organization. Someone Elias cares about or someone who has been wronged by him.


And the ending! Martine finding Shaw in the department store was a jaw dropper. Samaritan was still blind but Martine’s human eyes weren’t. Like Dominic had used threats against another human’s loved one, so had Martine. She posed as a lawyer and threatened the female member of the gang of thieves Shaw had replaced. Through Katya, Martine found Romeo. Through Romeo, she found Shaw. With Shaw’s cover identity being blown, how much longer before the rest of the team falls? Who out there is someone Samaritan can use? (The only flaw I saw about Samaritan was when the AI said the target wasn’t there and I hope it is some kind of Achilles heel about Samaritan. It needs its human eyes to recognize members of the team.)



Point of Origin Ending

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