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POI 4×13 ‘MIA’ – Videos, Recap, & Review

Written by Blue Finch   // February 12, 2015

MIA, Person of Interest, Harold Finch, Samantha Groves, Shaw

POI 4×13 ‘MIA’ – Videos, Recap, & Review


Person of Interest 4×13 “M.I.A.” – The Search for Shaw Continues – John Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Root’s (Amy Acker) hunt for Shaw (Sarah Shahi) takes them to a small town in upstate New York where it becomes apparent that not everything is as idyllic as it seems. Also, Detective Fusco (Kevin Chapman) teams with a former person of interest, Dani Silva (Adria Arjona), to tackle the newest number.


Person of Interest season 4 episode thirteen guest stars: Maddie Corman as Leslie Thomson, Brian Russell as sleazy Chief Wicker, and Mason Pettit as the number Albert Weiss.  Adria Arjona returned in her role as Dani Silva.


MIA starts out with some brief footage via The Machine of events leading up to why John and Root are in the town of Maple, New York. It has been 66 hours since Sameen Shaw was shot and taken by Samaritan. Ms. Groves worries Shaw will be angry that they have taken so long, but not for the lack of trying Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) reminds her. She and Reese caused carnage over five states (New York to Michigan) looking for answers to find the one clue. One is enough John says; it narrows their focus.


The truck they believe Shaw was taken from the Stock Exchange in is now located in Maple. Harold reminds them their enemy, Samaritan, is listening. They need to speak carefully in their communications; they cannot use their mesh network outside of NYC. Reese asks what is Root’s identity for the day—Detective Alice Ginsburg—Colombo (LOL) has a new partner. “Lionel’s gonna love that,” deadpans Reese. That reminds Finch he needs to ask for Detective Fusco’s help.


Detective Fusco is sitting as his desk, preoccupied with worry over Sameen and covering for his missing partner. First thing Lionel asks when he realizes Harold is there is if there is any news. Even though he’s been busy covering for John’s absence again, Fusco is not too busy to help Harold with the number. He grabs the file from Finch’s hands and leaves.


Back in Maple John and Root are at the town’s Founder’s Day Celebration. We get our first glimpse of Ms. Thompson giving a speech to the crowd at the celebration. Reese thinks Root should ask The Machine for some clue, but She doesn’t know any more than they do. They decide to check out footage at the local pd. Reese still can’t understand why Samaritan brought Shaw all the way to Pleasantville. “Monsters like small towns.”


Fusco has eyes on the number. Albert Weiss seems very harmless man who is in town to visit his niece. Fusco sees that he is not the only one watching Weiss; IAB Dani Silva is too. Harold thinks she may have some information. Fusco says even if he wasn’t involved with Finch’s league of misfits Lionel would steer clear of Silva. Dani spots him though. We find out that Silva is no longer IA but with the gang task force. Weiss is associated in some missing-persons cold cases and is listed as a witness in two that happened years apart. Maybe Weiss stumbled into something that has put life in danger.


Reese and Root go to the Maple police department. Chief Wicker doesn’t seem interested in helping two NYC detectives until Root flirts with him. Ms. Groves looks through the footage but some of it is corrupted. Meanwhile Reese finds out that ‘Wick’ was brought up on abuse of power charges but the mayor still made him police chief last summer. Tricking one of the officers into leaving the room, Reese then steals some of the Chief’s guns. John goes to see that Root has knocked out ‘Wick.’ Ms. Groves shows John the footage of the truck Shaw was in; it’s still in the town somewhere and hasn’t left. Shaw must still be in Maple. “Hold on Shaw. We’re close.

MIA – We’re Close


John and Root check into a local B&B; the owners just acquired the place six months ago. Ms. Groves pulls a suitcase up the stairs. There was a body in it; Root kidnapped Chief Wicker. When questioned about surveillance footage he says some files gets corrupted and some disappear completely. Wicker has no clue about surrounding areas. Finch calls to let them know that he has found the truck. It was found abandoned at a truck stop and is now in the impound yard. Root and Reese plan to go check it out after she makes the Chief more comfortable.  


Fusco and Silva look through files on the missing-persons cases and the dates Weiss was in New York City. The dates of the missing person reports coincide with the dates Weiss came to the city. Fusco thinks that is no coincidence and suggests Weiss may well be a hit-man. Silva is not convinced that harmless looking Albert is a killer until Fusco notes the theft of 100 lbs. of lye from the hardware store where Weiss works. That much lye equals a lot of disappearing corpses. Weiss is a gang’s hit-man. Fusco and Silva head to a place where she thinks Weiss may be.  


Reese and Root drive by the Carrow plant which John looks at. Eyes on the road Ms. Groves tells him, he needs to navigate their getting to the impound yard; they can’t waste any more time. Shaw is waiting. Root really believes Shaw is alive and talks about Schrödinger’s cat. The cat trapped in a box with something lethal is neither alive nor dead; it’s both, until someone removes the lid. Root is betting when they remove the lid Shaw will be alive. “Nothing kills that cat!”   Detectives Fusco and Silva dress up go to a restaurant pretending to be on a date. Weiss is also there and has been there several times the past week. He’s casing his target. Fusco takes a call from ‘mom’. It’s really Harold calling to send Lionel the name and picture of Marcus Young (Daniel J. Watts), the only gang affiliated employee working there. Fusco follows Weiss and the target into the kitchen. Lionel stops and arrests Weiss before he kills Young. While Fusco is handcuffing Weiss, Albert bangs his head on the table repeatedly to make it look like police brutality.  


John and Ms. Groves arrive at the impound yard. The attendant, Mason Bauer (Cormac Bluestone) is a kid who’s trust fund dried-up and drinking on the first job he’s ever had to have. On the TV the attendant is watching, there’s news report about a homeless man, Willy (Robert Eckard), who has won the lottery. They find the truck and look in the cargo area. Shaw is not inside, but there is a gurney and medical equipment covered in blood on a table. If Shaw was the one they were working on, she lost a lot of blood. It’s not looking good for Sameen Shaw.   Harold checks but no one was admitted to the hospital with Shaw’s injuries. Why would they shoot Shaw in the head and then try to save her? Root thinks they must have some use for Shaw to even try to save her life. Finch gives them the address of the town’s only neuro-surgeon, Dr. Haskell (John Leonard Thompson). The doctor hasn’t performed surgery in months but he did get a call from someone asking for his advice. Who ever made the call was operating on someone and it wasn’t going well. Dr. Haskell didn’t know who it was.  


He never called the police because bad things happen to people now who ask questions. The factory was closing; the town was folding up until Carrow bought the factory, saved everyone’s jobs. It was good for a while until things started happening. The mayor was accused of corruption and killed himself; the new mayor was a gas station attendant six months ago. The doctor was on the city council until he was brought up on malpractice charges. Reese and Root know Samaritan is controlling Carrow and Ms. Thomson owns Carrow. They leave to question her.

MIA – Welcome to Maple.


Fusco is in trouble with IA; he can’t go anywhere near Albert Weiss and of course Weiss is released. Finch and Fusco meet under an underpass and Harold gives the detective an address to a house Weiss owns. Finch also tells Lionel to prepare for the worst; the situation with Shaw is not looking good. Fusco says to just say it; Shaw is dead. Back at the precinct Silva brings Young into protective custody. He’s not a gang member just a witness to a gang murder. Silva even though warned, takes off on her own leaving Young in Fusco’s care.


In Maple the impound lot attendant just shot the lottery winner. Root says Samaritan runs the factory but it is also playing with people’s lives. The two spot Ms. Thomson, John tells Root to bring the car around while he grabs Leslie.


Silva goes into Weiss’ house and finds a room full of boxes of lye, bleach, a saw and a metal tub. It’s his body disposal room. Weiss finds her there. He fires some rounds at Silva but misses. There are more gunshots then silence. Silva cautiously goes to in search Weiss but finds Fusco instead. She accuses Lionel of letting Weiss get away.


John finds nothing on Ms. Thompson’s phone. The Machine hasn’t told Root anything new about Shaw, but Thomson can. Harold wants to find out what Samaritan is making at Carrow and why it’s using the town, if it’s doing this elsewhere! Leslie says she doesn’t know anything about Shaw, she just follows instructions sent by emails. If she doesn’t they will kill her. Her real name isn’t even Leslie Thompson. She had a heart attack six months ago and woke up in the Maple hospital with a new pace maker and a new identity. It’s the truth but John thinks there is more she is not telling them.


Before they let Root question Thompson Finch asks to try. Thompson says at first all Carrow did was make people happy, giving them jobs to suit their talents. Except the ex-mayor, the Doctor, they are not happy. A blond woman told Ms. Thomson some must be displaced for the rest to thrive. Then bad things started happening. Thompson thinks they are being punished.


Not punished, they are being studied. Finch says the town is Samaritan’s ant farm, at first making everything perfect then shaking things up to see how the people react. The AI wasn’t taught about human nature like Finch taught The Machine. Reese thinks Leslie Thomson is still hiding something about Shaw and lets Root take her turn.


Root grabs the bone saw and threatens Thomson. Finch begs John to not let Root threaten torture, but Reese is still angry enough and knows that Thompson is holding back. This frightens Ms. Thompson more than Samaritan threating her life and admits she has seen Shaw in the factory; she’ll help Reese and Root get into Carrow if they don’t harm her. Root still uses the saw on her hand before John stops her. One more question. “Is Shaw alive?” Thomson says yes.

MIA – Just Following Orders


Fusco tells Silva they lost any chance with the DA getting a warrant. The evidence of the kill room and Weiss will be long gone. He shows her a picture of a cop who got also got too close to Weiss and supposedly committed suicide, now Albert Weiss may come after them.  


Leslie gets them into Carrow by telling the guard she wants to show her cousins around. They go into the security area. While Ms. Groves disables the surveillance cameras, John looks in some shipping boxes. They are filled with micro-dot transponders. Carrow, i.e. Samaritan, can track anyone that uses something the dots are affixed to. Only they wouldn’t need to bring Shaw all the way to Maple to put a tracking device on her. Ms. Thompson says Shaw is in a classified area that Thomson cannot get them into. John pulls his ski mask on, “When the shooting starts, duck!”  


Silva enters her apartment and prepares to take a shower. Weiss was hiding and goes to open the bathroom door to shoot her. When Albert opens the door Dani is standing there with her gun aimed at him. Fusco comes up behind Albert. Weiss has no intentions of getting caught, slams the door on Silva and fights then with Lionel. Silva gets out another bathroom door, comes around from behind, then shoots and kills Weiss.   Root blows the doors to the classified area and shoots the Samaritan people inside. They find the real reason behind Carrow. They are putting neural implants in patients for Samaritan to study humans on an electrical-chemical level.  


They look further and find a woman lying in a bed. Root rushes over but it isn’t Shaw. The injured woman is Delia Jones (Vanessa Wasche). Samantha threatens a doctor who admits he has operated on no one else in the past three days. Shaw was never there. Ms. Groves runs from the room.   Delia was a secretary at the stock exchange who was shot in the crossfire. The other witness Samaritan’s people got rid of but they brought Delia to Maple to experiment on. Reese picks Jones up and tells Thompson they need to leave. Ms. Thompson plans to stay behind, close down the plant after seeing what went on.  Root is shooting the reinforcements and saves John when one of them fires at Reese. “Good timing.” “Let’s get out of here.”

MIA – Good Timing


Fusco talks to Silva who is dealing with her first kill shoot. It’s a good day he says, she stopped a killer and saved a witness who plans to testify. Silva reminds him of a friend, two actually. (Shaw and Carter)


Delia is at a safe-house. Finch created her a new identity for when she is well to keep her safe. Samaritan pulled out of Maple. The town’s people will have to learn to fend for themselves again. Harold apologizes for sending John and Samantha there. John say Shaw would be proud that they saved people and is prepared for what they now need to do. Let Shaw go. Finch finds Ms. Grove.


Root is not ready though. She begs the Machine to give her something to let her know if Shaw is still alive. The Machine calls them, asks them—Ms Grooves—to STOP. Harold tries to make her understand they may never know and continuing to search for answers about Shaw will consume them. Hope is painful. Root says goodbye.


Greer is in a room and we hear the sound of medical monitors. We see Shaw lying in a bed. “I hope you managed to get some rest my dear Sameen. You’re going to need it.” Shaw is alive!

MIA – Where is Shaw?

Person of InterestMIA –  Review

We know Shaw is alive. Does the Machine? Does it have a plan? The rest of the team decides it’s time to move on, except Root, for now. She will come back to the team I’m sure, if for nothing else, to continue fighting Samaritan and perhaps someday learn of Shaw’s fate. What does Greer plan to do with Shaw? What’s in store now for everyone as season 4 continues?

Person of Interest 4×14 “Guilty” airs Tuesday Feb 10, 10/9c on CBS



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