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Person of Interest’s Michael Emerson on the Arsenio Show

Written by Blue Finch   // May 9, 2014

Michael Emerson

Person of Interest’s Michael Emerson on the Arsenio Show


As the season finale of Person of Interest, Deus Ex Machina, looms ahead of us I was delighted to see Michael Emerson’s interview on the Arsenio show in LA. To see him perform Pharrel Williams’, ‘Happy’, made me laugh and eased my dread for next Tuesday, if only for a few minutes. (I know I am over emotional, but that scene in the Library in the promo really brings me to tears.)


Anyways back to Michael and Arsenio. I just love Michael’s character Harold Finch in purples and blues, so it was an eye treat for me to see Michael Emerson dressed in purple for his appearance on the show, as was the host. Michael admitted after playing the well dressed Harold Finch, his own wardrobe seemed pitiful by comparison, so Michael “upped his game.” Now with Emerson’s late in life success as an actor he can afford to dress the part. Michael has stated in other interviews as he did here , he thinks achieving fame as an actor for himself in his later years is better than to have found it early and then spend the rest of his life holding on to the success or looking for it again.


Michael talked about his role on Lost and being the most beaten character on television ever. There were times that makeup had to remove old wounds for new ones because there was no more room on his face. And from the way Michael talked about his time on Lost I wonder if some of those makeup injuries covered real ones. Michael claimed he was not someone to ride a horse or fire a gun. He laughingly told the audience if he used a weapon, even a rubber one, he would find a way to hurt himself.


Still people give him a wide berth because Michael Emerson has been associated with dark or evil characters. They often associate the actor with his role traits. Some even have asked him if their flight will be okay when he goes to an airport. Ben Linus wasn’t even on the airliner that crashed on the island and didn’t make it crash.


Michael isn’t getting beat up anymore playing billionaire recluse Harold Finch on Person of Interest but sometimes it can still be brutal. Filming outside in the bad winter in NYC this year was very hard on him and his fellow actors. After eight hours of filming constantly outside the body gets so cold it’s hard to even speak. If you can’t talk clearly you can’t do the scene right.


Michael Emerson Talks With Arsenio


After a brief break we saw a clip from Death Benefit. Michael has always played dark characters with the exception of Finch. Michael talked about he wasn’t anything like his sinister roles and was a “positive, optimistic and fun loving guy.” That lead into Michael’s performing ‘Happy’.


Michael Performs Happy on Arsenio

Person of Interest, season finale airs Tuesday May 13th  10/9c on CBS



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