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Person of Interest – Wingman – Sneak Peek #3

Written by Blue Finch   // October 7, 2014


Person of Interest – Wingman – Sneak Peek #3


The third sneak peek for Person of InterestWingman, Harold and Samantha Groves are on their mysterious errand. So The Machine wants to give the children (Reese and Shaw) a new toy. Mr. Egret I presume. Always with the bird names. What does Mr. Egret plan to do with the rocket launcher? I can imagine the look of glee on the Mayhem Twins faces when they see the new toy. (Am I the only one who got chills when Harold was speaking? He scared me.)


Wingman – Sneak Peek # 3

Person of Interest  CBS Tuesdays  10/9 c



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