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Person of Interest “What is Shaw’s Fate?”

Written by Blue Finch   // January 20, 2015


Person of Interest “What is Shaw’s Fate?”


In the episode If-Then-Else Sameen Shaw sacrificed herself for her friends pushing an over-ride button to an elevator her friends were stuck in. Shaw was shot by and possibly killed by the Samaritan operatives sent to trap and eliminate her friends by Greer and the rival AI itself.


In the episode Control Alt Delete, the remaining team, Root and Reese especially, risked their lives to find their fallen friend whom they believe is still alive. They kidnap Control the government official supposedly in charge of the Samaritan program. It was a ruse to inject a worm search virus into the encrypted phone network of Samaritan agents, one a mole in the group of government agents sent to rescue Control. After decoding the data the worm search sent to him, Finch found the possible location of a refrigerated truck that left the stock exchange fifteen minutes after Sameen was shot. (Perhaps to carry away Samaritan’s wounded as well as Shaw away from the Stock Market building.)


We still don’t know if Shaw is alive or dead. Control was completely in the dark about what went on in the stock exchange and had no idea what happened to Shaw. Until we see a body no one can be sure and there are many theories floating about as to Shaw’s fate. What do you believe happened to Sameen?



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