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Person Of Interest: Tis The Season 4 Recap

Written by managerie   // December 12, 2014


Person Of Interest: Tis The Season 4 Recap


Person of Interest will be unveiling an epic trilogy in December to later conclude in January of 2015. We thought it might be time for a season 4 rehash. Let us see where we have been in order to understand where we are going in season four and hopefully this will give us clues to the eventual Person of Interest Finale.


Person of Interest: Getting the Band Back Together

When we started season 4 with Panopticon, we had our heroes separated and unhappy. Harold Finch was a professor, unwilling to work the Numbers for The Machine for fear that it would compromise the team. He was afraid not for his own life, but the lives of his rag-tag bunch.


John Reese was an undercover narcotics detective who still found time to meet Harold in the park for chess, Bear walking, and company. Sameen Shaw was a sales associate at a makeup counter. She hated the job with a passion, uncharacteristic of her former calm. Root, well Root was all over the place as usual for her.


The Machine of course always has a plan. It conspired to bring Sameen Shaw and John Reese to a life management meeting just to have them in the perfect spot to receive a new Number on the recreation center’s pay phone.


While working their Number, John Reese manages to snare Harold Finch into the mission despite his protests. In the process, Harold Finch finds out that The Machine has given the team access to a new analog communications system using of all things, old television antennas. Harold quickly figures out a way to utilize this technology to save his former co-workers.


However, Harold still refuses to risk exposure by actively helping with The Numbers, but he does decipher a map for a new headquarters. By the end of Nautilus, Harold Finch is on board and announces a new subway lair. John Reese is delighted. Despite the time-slot change, the highest rating for season 4 so far was a whopping 10.87 million viewers for Nautilus. There is no chance of Person of Interest ending anytime soon as discussed in the discussion forum  thread.


Reese Finch


Season Four Gets Personal

Now with all the serious issues from season 3 still looming over our regrouped heroes, we get a lighthearted episode in Wingman.


The Brotherhood is introduced to us in a titular episode as an organized gang on the level with Carl Elias and his crew. In Prophets, we discovered that Root is adrift. Too many aliases and not enough communication with The Machine has worn her out. She is prepared to die for the cause. A situation that compels Harold Finch to contact The Machine for a long overdue conversation.


Pretenders started out as an hilarious romp, but ended up reminding us of three very important elements of  Person of Interest.

  • John Reese is a real hero
  • Harold Finch should never be underestimated
  • The Numbers are always Relevant


Honor Among Thieves let us focus on Sameen Shaw. We thought we were just going to see Shaw get flustered around an international jewel thief. Instead, Shaw’s cover was exposed in a cliffhanger that had us all on the edge of our seats.


In Point Of Origin we were introduced to Dani Silva, an under-cover officer for Internal Affairs looking for the mole who eventually was able to steal digital police files on Carl Elias and hand them over to Dominic. While the leader of the Brotherhood now had names of Elias’ associates or enemies to exploit in his take-down of the Old Lion, Reese may have gained an ally from Internal Affairs who could help positively in IA’s investigation into John Riley’s actions. It was eye opening moment when we all discovered Dominic’s desire to rule New York was inspired by the Pi lecture Harold gave when he subbed as a math teacher in 2πR. Meanwhile Samaritan sent out its asset Martine to hunt down Shaw ending in the face to face in the department store.


That leaves us with The Devil You Know as a turning point to prepare us all for the Person of Interest season 4 Trilogy. The high stakes chess game Elias was playing with Dominic might be setting us up for another major loss. Scarface, AKA Anthony Marconi was given a remarkable send off that might add fuel to the fire in the war of the machines.




Truly, the fandom for Person of Interest were rocked and shocked by the revelations in season 4 of back-story for Elias and Scarface combined with the sad but courageous death of a beloved secondary character. This casualty brought the war home for all of us.


To recap, our intrepid crew must steer their way through exposure, bullets, and an evil A.I.’s minions in search of them while being out numbered, out gunned, and under pressure from The Machine. Elias has a vendetta in the works of the old school variety, Greer is amassing an army of human drones to do his bidding, and Team Machine has lost some ground with the loss of Shaw’s cover identity.


What will all this do to characters already at the brink of exhaustion?  We will have to wait until January when Person of Interest explodes with its unprecedented season 4 trilogy.


 season 4 Shaw and Root

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