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Person of Interest Season Four – What Do You Think So Far?

Written by Blue Finch   // December 12, 2014

Person of Interest Season Four

Person of Interest Season Four – What Do You Think So Far?


Only a few more days before The Cold War airs on CBS. The episode will be the mid-season finale for Person of Interest Season 4 and also the first leg of a three part episode event, The Person of Interest Trilogy. The last two episodes of the arc, If-Then-Else and Control Alt Delete will conclude the event in January.


For many of us we have a feeling the mid-season finale will leave us shaken, gasping for breath and waiting anxiously while cursing silently to ourselves about having to wait three weeks to see what happens next.


Will the conclusion of this epic three part event be the end of the AI war or just the first volley fired? Is this fight just beginning subsequently echoing young Greer’s words, “…….with no end in sight”? And what of the other war brewing? That one, the fight for control of New York’s streets? With the utter chaos happening to the city to draw the Machine and the Team out; how can that situation not contribute to the escalation if the criminal war? How can our Team of five, six if you count the dog, save the city from Dominic and everyone, everywhere from an AI that cares not about the humans it eliminates in order to bring about the change Greer believes needs done to fix the human condition?


With Person of Interest ending with an obvious cliffhanger, it will be almost unbearable for some having to wait until January for everything to be resolved as the season continues on; there are viewers out there who dislike how everything has progressed so far. And that is the reasoning behind this poll. Choose an answer that best describes your feelings thus far or add your own opinion



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