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Person Of Interest – Jim Caviezel – Live With Kelly and Michael

Written by Blue Finch   // September 23, 2014

Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel – Live With Kelly and Michael


Person of Interest star James Caviezel appeared on the Live With Kelly & Michael show Monday, September 22, 2014 one day before the show premieres its fourth season opener, Panopticon, on Tuesday Sept. 23.


Okay first of all I am going to get my fangirling out of the way. Jim Caviezel in that leather esque suit jacket was like wow! Kelly had to grab the mints when she saw Jim walk out. I’d grab more than mints if Jim Caviezel walked in my living room attired like that.


Basketball and Growing Up

Jim started out by saying he was a star athlete growing up in Washington State. He talked about how when he grew up it was either working with tulip bulbs in the summer or playing basketball.  (Tulips are abundant in his home town of Mt. Vernon). It was tough for him to give up something he had done for seventeen years and to pursue his acting career. (If not for a foot injury maybe Jim might have been a Michael Jordan, but I love James Caviezel, the actor.)


Jim Caviezel The Thin Red Line

thin red line


Greatest Influence

Jim said his big influence after coming to Hollywood was meeting actor Jimmy Stewart. According to Caviezel meeting Mr. Stewart was well worth losing his waiter’s job to talk with the renowned actor. Caviezel was about to try for a fourth time to apply at the Naval academy because acting wasn’t working out.  Steward’s advice to Jim during that conversation, “Make good movies.” I guess Caviezel did lose his waiter’s job but Jim did go make good movies. Jimmy Steward died while Jim Caviezel was filming his big break The Thin Red Line, but Caviezel had stopped by the veteran actor’s home several times and thanked him for Stewart’s advice. The Caviezels honor Stewart’s memory and influence in Jim’s career choice with A Wonderful Life on his home’s mantle.


Filming in NYC

Jim talked about filming in the streets of New York City amid thousands of spectators and commented “At least they’re fans of the show.” He likened the distractions to spectators at a basketball game trying to get shooters to miss their shots to filming his scenes amid the chaos and not let the crowd be an interference. Although Jim is athletic he has a stunt double.



 John’s New Job – Detective



Thank you, Mr. Caviezel, I can’t imagine anyone else as John Reese in the CBS hit drama Person of Interest. Season Four begins, September 23, 2014



 Jim Caviezel Appearance – Live With Kelly & Michael

Person of Interest Tuesdays on CBS 10/9c



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