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Person of Interest 4×16 ‘Blunt’ – Recap & Review

Written by Blue Finch   // March 1, 2015

Person of Interest, Blunt, John Reese. Harper, Lionel Fusco

Person of Interest 4×16 ‘Blunt’ – Recap & Review


Person of Interest 4×16 ‘Blunt’ — John Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) must protect Harper, a street-smart grifter, when her plan to steal cash from a medical marijuana dispensary goes up in smoke.


Person of Interest season 4 episode 16 guest stars: Annie Ilonzeh as Harper Rose, the number and Connor Hines as Trey Wender, Harper’s boyfriend who became an unknowing accomplice, and William DeMeritt as Noah their boss, the dispensary’s owner. Jessica Pimentel returns as Floyd and Kevin Kilner as Nick Dawson. Winston Duke also returns as the Brotherhood’s leader Dominic. Luke Kleintank makes a brief appearance as Caleb Phipps, the former POI from 2πR and now successful company owner.

Blunt Recap

As Blunt begins John Reese is at Grant University’s campus quad with eyes on the newest number, Harper Rose. The Machine didn’t give Harold Finch Harper’s social security number, instead TM used her student ID; odd. Harper transferred to a single dorm room because of problems with her former room-mate.


Reese thinks Professor Whistler must love being around fresh young minds to which Harold responds, “As near as I can tell college has become an overpriced bacchanalia full of entitled over-sexed binge drinkers.” (Um, is that like recently Finch? I was in college 40 years ago and that was going on. Have you forgotten? Too bad Arthur Claypoole isn’t around anymore: I bet he has stories to tell.) John teases back, “Well someone has to pay your salary.” It is then that Reese notices Harper switched backpacks and follows her.


While waiting on John’s update, Harold hears Bear chewing on something. The dog is chewing on a 2,000 dollar shoe. (My speculation that some of Harold Finch’s pricey apparel was at the safe house might have been confirmed, only why is a pair of Bontonis lying around in the Haven? And will we ever find out how they managed to reacquire the safe-house without Samaritan knowing?) Now back to the episode.


Reese follows Harper into the dormitory and as she enters her room John tries to clone her phone. Problem is there are a dozen different cell phones with as many different users. Harold notes that John is in a college dorm but Reese counters not within in a fifteen foot radius. Reese then notices he is on the woman’s floor and the women in that radius are definitely not carrying cell phones. Harper then leaves her room and Reese makes a hasty retreat before someone calls campus security about the creep loitering in the hallway.


Reese is right behind her as Harper goes to a different floor and knocks on the door of her boyfriend Trey Wender’s room. Harper is covering for Trey’s shift. Wender says he is coming down with something but Harper pegs Trey that he’s not ill just high. Their boss has been keeping him busy with bank runs every night and the boss is stressing about having so much cash on hand. No problem she doesn’t mind she can handle Noah [the boss]. Trey Wender isn’t much of a student and has several misdemeanor offenses involving possession of and selling marijuana.


Reese has eyes on Harper Rose as she enters a building. Her and Trey’s place of employment is medical marijuana dispensary. Finch is at first incredulous that Trey works there but then cynically remarks “Do what you love and you never work a day in your life.” Reese needs a dispensary card to pose as a patient. Finch enters conditions Detective Riley suffers from into the database and will have Dr. Tillman (Cura Te Ipsum) call it in. John asks why Harold knows so much about getting medical marijuana and Finch gets testy asking Reese if he wants him to call it in or not. (Hmmm.)


Ms. Groves (Amy Acker) makes an appearance and sounds miffed that Finch and Reese are working on the numbers again, especially saving a pot dealer. Root has been to Sri Lanka and talks about, tea? Harold tells Samantha he stayed away like she asked; only we don’t know exactly what from. Root says they need to recruit people to help them against Samaritan, but feelings are still raw when Harold mentions they weren’t going to after what happened with Shaw. I don’t know how and when Root and TM began working together again but The Machine wants Samantha Groves to build a killer app to get the attention of the right people. Harold asks who they might be, but again Root seems angry and says she can handle it; Finch and Reese have their hands full working the case of Harper Rose.


Reese introduces himself to a guard at the door as Detective Riley; he has PTSD from multiple gunshot wounds and is let into the dispensary. “Sweet Mary Jane!” John exclaims as he walks into the room, “Is this place legal?” It’s legal according to the state just not the federal government.  Dispensaries are a cash only business and banks can’t take the money. This day’s cash is going to be stored in a secure facility. Harper Rose is tasked with the cash run for the night.


John Reese waits outside and sees that the security service is Brotherhood. Dominic is into the legalized security business. Just as the Brotherhood security detail starts to drive off with the money they are ambushed by the Carro Cartel. Reese intervenes—shooting Cartel members (in the kneecaps of course) and chasing them away—then retrieves the cash. Only when John gives the bag back to Noah there is no money in it, just books. Harper switched the bags.


Reese catches up to Harper trying to warn her that her life is in danger. Harper though doesn’t believe he is a real cop and tells John to beat it. John insists she needs their help; Harper seems to give in and hands Reese the bag of money. John turns his back—what the * Reese, you turn your back on a thief?—and Harper pulls out a scoping baton then whacks Reese from behind. While John is stunned Harper grabs the bag and runs away. Finch asks if Reese has her, but he doesn’t. Her number has come up again. John Reese knows why, that Harper isn’t who the thought she was, and doesn’t want their help.


The next day John gets into Harper’s dorm room and finds a collection of items stolen from other students. Harold has found out their number isn’t the real Harper Rose, the real Ms. Rose took the semester off. Reese finds multiple cell phones—those dozen that kept him from cloning the fake Harper’s phone—and various IDs. The Machine sent them Harper’s student ID before the fake one changed her identity again. John finds out fake Harper had been tracking the dispensary’s cash deposits so the heist the night before was planned. She only used Trey and has ‘dropped out’ of college.


Detective Fusco (Kevin Chapman) checked out the aliases the fake Harper used and those aliases were connected to over a dozen other criminal cases. The persons whose identities Harper used had alibis and were innocent of the crimes committed. The fake harper is a con artist, grifter, and a thief. Fusco asks if they are supposed to protect her or arrest her. Reese says probably both, but first they have to find her. John suggests they split up to track Harper down when Lionel asks, “What’s Mr. Peabody doing?” What is Harold doing? Finch has somehow tracked down Root and is walking along with Bear trying to follow her, only she disappears among the crowd of pedestrians.


Floyd, one of Dominic’s enforcers, is walking with Noah, the dispensary owner, in their marijuana grow barn. Dominic confronts Noah about the theft, who could have leaked the pickup time and location, finds out about Detective Riley’s (Reese) involvement and who actually took the money. Noah tells Dominic who else was at the dispensary and Dominic figures out it was Harper but since she was in the wind, he asks where to find Trey the one who got Harper involved in the business.


Floyd is waiting in Trey Wender’s dorm room as he returns from somewhere. Wender merely offers Floyd ice cream when she threatens him with a gun; he really has no clue what’s going on. Trey doesn’t know Harper used him and stole the Brotherhood’s money but Floyd grabs him anyway.


Detective Fusco has one of the Cartel members whom Reese kneecapped in the interrogation room. Jorge (Kareem Savinon) won’t cut a deal except when shown a picture of the fake Harper Jorge calls her Maria and points the finger at her for leaking the time of the money transfer to him. Maria is in trouble with the Cartel for not telling them they were stealing from Dominic. When pushed for more, Jorge tells Fusco he met Maria at Club Boost. (The odd thing here is Reese stood where Jorge could see him until Fusco closed the door. I wonder why?)


Harper is at the club only the name she is known by to her gal pals dancing with her is Fiona. Fiona goes to get then more champagne when Reese confronts her. John asks her what she did with the money; it’s all spent—mainly she had to pay off the owners of Club Boost. When John tells her she stole from Dominic and the Brotherhood before warning her they’re in the club now, Harper gives Reese the slip. We get some BAMF Reese who uses a champagne bottle to take out the bad guys. Fusco gets his moment as he arrests a fleeing Harper threatening to use his Taser thereby trumping Harper’s baton.


I don’t know where the two detectives kept Harper overnight as we see them next at a diner getting breakfast. Harper calls Fusco a true bleeds blue cop, but says John is only playing cop and hits the mark calling John former military. Harper admits to tipping off the Cartel only doesn’t think it’s a big deal that she stole from the Brotherhood even though both Reese and Fusco tell her Dominic will kill her.


Finch is out on the streets and calls Reese to let him know Trey’s number came up. Finch went to Wender’s dorm room and Trey wasn’t there. Reese thinks the Brotherhood may have Trey because Dominic thinks Wender knows something. Harold couldn’t tell if the disarray he found was a sign of a kidnapping or if Trey was just a slob. Harold tells John not to let Harper leave his side. Finch is once again following Ms. Groves; she doesn’t try to slip away this time and goes into an office building. We don’t see the business’ name, but obviously Harold recognizes it.


Reese tells Harper that Dominic has her boyfriend. She tells John that Trey doesn’t know anything, not even her real name. Fusco asks what that might be, but she only says she’s keeping the name Harper for now. She does wonder who John was talking to and how. Harper asks if Reese has something in his ear because John wasn’t using his phone. Fusco tells her that’s just Reese’s friend; it’s kind of their thing while helping people. Reese says they need to leave and find Trey before Dominic figures out Wender doesn’t know anything and gets rid of him.


We find out Dominic is converting the drug money into on-line currency, mainly through video games. Trey is being held somewhere in that building. Dominic has one of his goons beating up on him. It’s pointless though because Trey Winder doesn’t know anything. Trey vouches that Harper won’t tell anyone anything, even though Dominic believes she will.


Harper is at the safe house and meets Harold. When she asks about Captain McChronic, Finch tells her they are partners. John is taking the money Finch pulled from their reserves to try and pay back the money Harper stole from Dominic. Harper doesn’t want them to help her yet again, but Reese asks what about Trey.  Reese leaves and warns Finch to not let Harper out of his sight.


Reese knows where the grow barn is and offers Floyd the money in exchange for Harper’s safety and Trey’s release. Floyd denies knowing anything but tells John to leave the cash. John picks up the case and asks Ike (Shabazz Ray) where Dominic is. Ike says Dominic is unavailable, tries to make John leave the case and gets knocked out by BAMF Reese. John takes Floyd’s gun, throws Detective Riley’s card on the fallen thug and says it has his number when Dominic is ready to talk. “Or I can keep kicking his ass from a distance, whatever he prefers.”


Dominic meets Reese face to face at another diner. John lays out the terms, the money for Trey’s release and Harper’s safety. Dominic agrees if Reese will tell him who he really is. Reese shows the card and says he’s Detective Riley, homicide detective. The conversation turns into why Elias gets a free pass. Elias stays out of John’s way and doesn’t hurt innocent people. (Now anyways.) John would give Dominic the same courtesy but Dominic hurts innocent people. Harper is not innocent according to the Brotherhood’s leader and Dominic offers Trey in exchange for Harper. John refuses and Dominic’s buddies enter the restaurant. Fusco has a rifle trained on Dominic. The meeting is a stalemate as neither gets what they want.


There isn’t time for them to wait for Reese to return. Harper has a plan to rescue Trey and will try it with or without the Team’s help. (Okay. The Team has no other options but to go along with hers?) Harper meets with the Cartel’s leader and instead of letting Alphonso (Raymond Neil Hernandez) kill her on the spot, Nico (Carlos Leon) listens to her proposal. She’ll help the Nico steal the horde of cash Dominic is storing. Put the word out that the Cartel has her and Dominic will want to make a deal.


The Cartel takes Harper to the Brotherhood’s stronghold. Reese is outside the building and Fusco takes out a sentry who spots John. Fusco is doubtful about this plan, but Reese is going through with it because Finch trusts her, a little.


While The Brotherhood and the Cartel have their meet, Reese breaks the skylight over the room where Trey is being held and rappels down into it. (Mellow Trey throughout made me laugh. Nothing fazed him.) Wender hopes Reese is there to rescue him. John unties him and sends Trey back up the ropes to the roof.


Meanwhile The Cartel finds out the money isn’t there and just as there is about to be a shootout, Fusco and the police arrive. (How did Fusco get out of there so fast and get a ride to back to the scene?) Fusco arrests members of the Cartel but can’t touch Dominic and his security team, they are all legal. (Okay all these guys are so squeaky clean they pass background checks or does Dominic have officials in his pocket?)


Harper and Dominic walk a distance from the others. He thanks her for tipping him off that the cartel was coming. Harper just wanted to buy some good faith and Trey’s release. Dominic tells her this wasn’t about trades for her and Trey’s lives it is about his wanting a face to face to recruit her. Dominic wants her talents and tells her when she I done playing vigilante with that fake cop (Reese) to come see him. Harper and Trey meet-up with Fusco and Reese watching. Harper tells him she’s glad he’s okay then breaks up with him. Fusco offers a confused Trey a ride after advising Wender to not try and figure her out.


The next afternoon we see that Root in business meeting and this time she meets the boss, Caleb Phipps. He is impressed with Shannon’s coding and asks where she learned. Shannon tells Caleb she is self-taught. Shannon is offered a job working on a new security software application that Phipps’ company is working on.


Reese and Finch say goodbye to Harper or whoever she is. She thanks them for their backup and Harold suggests she try and stay out of trouble. She tells Harold he’s a good man and kisses him on the cheek. She vanishes when Reese and Finch are distracted watching a fender-bender. John tells Harold she stole his watch, but Harold stole her ring. “She knows where to find me if she wants it back,” he tells John before walking away.


Blunt Review

Will we see Harper (or whoever she is) again and will she be friend or foe for Team Machine? Even though the number didn’t score many points with me, her skills could be assets for the Team in the future. Dominic wants her talents too and even more wants to find out who John Riley really is. The Machine wants to recruit more assets so how does it plan to use the security software Caleb Phipps is building. This seemed to be one of those throw-away episodes that ultimately turns out to be the launch of buildup towards the season’s Person of Interest finale.


Blunt – Dominic and Reese

Person of Interest’s next new episode, “Karma“, airs Tuesday March 10th 10/9c on CBS



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