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Person of Interest 4×15 ‘Q & A’ – Videos, Recap & Review

Written by Blue Finch   // February 23, 2015

Person of Interest , Q & A , Harold Finch

Person of Interest 4×15 ‘Q & A’ – Videos, Recap & Review


Person of Interest 4×15 ‘Q & A — John Reese (Jim Caviezel) tries to protect a software programmer with a mysterious second life, but it’s unclear which side of her life the threat is coming from. Meanwhile, Claire (Quinn Shephard), a young hacker who Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) tried to protect from Samaritan, reaches out to him for aid.


Person of Interest season 4 episode fifteen guest stars: Bella Dyne as Anna Mueller, the number; Nick Westrate as Calvin Maser chief technical officer and Helene Yorke as Lauren Buchanan CEO, both of Fetch and Retrieve—Finch’s favorite go to on-line search engine; Omar Maskati as Naresh Prasad, Anna’s co-worker and fellow programmer; and Kay Tauginas as Alek, Anna’s MMA trainer. John Nolan is back as Samaritan’s Admin.


Q & A starts off with archival footage from the team’s first encounter with Claire Mahoney ending with Claire on a rooftop, snipers picking off the men attacking her, then Samaritan’s message via phone text—it’s  promise to take care of her. (I need to mention here the snipers deadly accuracy in killing these men on that roof from a far off distance.)


Harold Finch (Professor Whistler, the company’s newest consultant) is escorted by John Riley (Reese) to meet with the founders of Fetch and Retrieve. John tells Harold, “Welcome to Nerd Nirvana” in a displeased tone. John Reese is not impressed with the playful youngsters throwing balls indoors a colorful and bright office building. Harold compliments John by saying Search and Retrieve only hires exceptional talent like John Riley, the moonlighting NYPD detective. John then throws a limited edition action figure in the air thus forcing Harold to fetch and retrieve it.


Harold of course is impressed with the search engine and reminds John that his boss, Calvin Mazer, the man coming up the hall, is incredibly gifted and resourceful. John looks on while Mazer and Harold start talking A.I. algorithms. Lauren joins the men and thanks Harold for first crack at Whistler’s most promising students. Harold goes with the two while John gets eyes on the newest number.


Anna Mueller is a transcriber for a program called VAL, a questions and answers app for cell phone users. The founders explain to Finch (Whistler) what VAL does. The transcribers keep track of user’s questions and VAL’s answers—human intelligence backing up artificial intelligence. Before Harold leaves for a more private meeting, he clones Anna’s phone. John does some checking on their latest POI.


Anna gets a text from Alek and John thinks he is her boyfriend and the two are not on good terms. Anna and Alek are to meet somewhere and from looking at the text, it doesn’t appear to be something Anna wants to do. Reese sees a bruise on her arm and thinks she is in an abusive relationship. Finch is walking back to The Haven and finds another LOST DOG poster taped to a pole which looks to be a new Nautilus puzzle.


Reese checks in with Finch who is back in The Haven at his computers. John hasn’t found any threats in nerd nirvana, but asks Harold to check up on one of Anna’s coworkers, Naresh, a mid-level programmer. She is worried about some user abnormality. Her friend just advises her to drop it. (Something’s amiss with the VAL program?)


Anna is not the only one checking out an abnormality. Finch tells John he has found another LOST DOG poster. You might remember the poster in Nautilus had a phone number that translated into GPS coordinates. Harold remarks that this poster is similar. However, when decoded, this poster’s coordinates are within the shadow map. This means that this second poster is not from Samaritan. Samaritan wouldn’t want its players where it can’t see them. Finch then finds an encrypted message which reads, “You were right.” Harold is startled enough to cut his conversation with John short. Harold also says that if it is who he thinks it is then John might have to work the number on his own for awhile.


John follows the number after she leaves work to see where she needs to be at 9:00 pm. Reese watches Anna meet with Alex and Alex rushes her inside. The door the two went behind is locked but Reese enters through another into an arena, a chain link fenced cage in it’s middle. Anna is in actuality an amateur MMA fighter nicknamed, Anna the Annihilator. Anna isn’t a victim but a possible perpetrator as she soundly wins her match. That’s how she got the bruises; Alex isn’t Anna’s boyfriend; he’s her trainer. Harold warns John to be careful.


Finch goes to the location of the GPS coordinates. A voice from the darkness warns Harold to be careful with his phone, “They’re always listening.” A frightened Claire comes into the light and tells Finch he was right; Samaritan’s people are far worse than she ever imagined. She needs Finch’s help to break free. A shot rings out and Claire is wounded in the shoulder. The two duck behind some parked cars, Claire begging for Finch’s help. (The snipers didn’t kill her and completely missed Harold. I mentioned those shooters accuracy from long range before. I just knew then it was a set-up. Samaritan’s agents don’t miss.)

Q & A – Abnormality


John and Harold discuss Anna’s venture into MMA fighting as taking it to the next level from her college days. Professional MMA fights are illegal in New York and amateur fighting is plagued with issues which might pose a threat to their number. Finch tells Reese to use Detective Fusco for backup if he needs it. Reese asks once more if Harold has things covered with Claire. Harold says yes while looking at the blood on his hand, she needs his full attention. John checks out Anna’s apartment while she is at work and finds out that Jill, Anna’s sister lives there also, and is on chemo. Meanwhile Samaritan searches for Claire Mahoney.  


Claire wakes up in a coffin and Harold apologizes; a mortuary is the closest place he could find with the supplies he needed to care for her wound, although three inches to the left… Claire is about to thank Finch, but says she doesn’t even know his name. Harold deflects that question with one of his own. What brought Claire to be on the run? She tells Finch that after winning the Nautilus game these people took her in and told her they were trying to make the world a better place. Soon Claire was hacking into data bases, helping them get rid of bad people. Only she hated the secrecy, hacked into the group, and found out she helped them kill bad people who weren’t. Namely a software programmer named Charles Winn whom they poisoned. That’s when she decided to break away and seek Finch’s help, someone who once tried to stop her from going down the wrong path.  


Reese breaks up a fight between two ‘nerds’ who were fighting over an on-line game before he starts checking up on Anna. A text from Jill leads Reese to believe Anna has been avoiding her sister. Anna finds out her friend Naresh has gone somewhere then she is called into Buchanan’s office. Apparently Anna is in trouble for checking into a user of VAL, Paul Zimmerman, and is told to drop it. John gets into Anna’s computer briefly to see what questions Zimmerman had asked the app and its answers to him.  


Finch gives Claire something to drink commenting she may wish it was something stronger when he is finished telling her about the people she works for. Harold tells Claire the people she helped are not making the world a better place just remaking the world in the image of its leader, an AI willing to kill to keep its identity secret and its power intact. It’s called Samaritan. Claire shows Harold a flash drive with bits of raw code from the old drives labeled Samaritan. Claire believes Finch is a hacker like her and using the flash together, the two can bring down Samaritan and kill it.  


Anna is on her way home when she is almost abducted by some men outside her apartment. John chases them away but Anna tries to take a swing at him. She then recognizes him as the security guard from work, but Reese shows her his badge; John Riley is also a cop and tells Anna it looks like she needs his help.

Q & A – Something Stronger


Detectives Fusco and Riley question Anna about why the men attacked her. She wonders why a homicide detective is following her, unless it’s about Paul Zimmerman. Anna was transcribing Paul’s questions to VAL and became concerned over its answers. Instead of sending him to a suicide hot-line like it should have VAL gave Zimmerman answers on how to do it. Anna emailed the higher ups but was ignored. She got her friend Naresh to get her Paul’s phone number, but when Anna called to check on him, Zimmerman had already committed suicide. Reese says VAL pushed Zimmerman over the edge and now they after Anna to keep her quiet about it. Anna worries something may have also happened to Naresh; he’s missing. Reese goes to find him but firsts asks why Anna cares. If someone close to her (her sister Jill) had asked VAL those same questions instead of asking Anna….  


Finch is holding the flash drive but ever suspicious he checks on Charles Wynn. Harold looks at an obituary then calls Detective Fusco to check into Wynn’s cause of death. Finch appears troubled when he goes to check on Claire. Harold questions her story about Wynn’s death. When Claire realizes that he is interrogating her she tells Finch to check the flash drive if he doesn’t believer her. Of course Harold tells her he won’t; it’s probably a trick to find his friends. Finch already lost someone dear to him; Harold won’t lose anyone else and tells her she is on her own. Claire tells Finch the real story about Wynn and Harold seems to change his mind about leaving when she says he’s going to lose her too.  


Anna gets a medical alert something is wrong with her sister and has to leave. Lionel says he will take her there. Reese is working under his security cover and finds Naresh, who has been given a cushy new job supposedly for alerting the higher-ups to the glitch in the VAL program. Naresh really can’t talk about it though. Reese then calls Lionel to tell him Naresh has been paid off. They could be the same people trying to silence Anna for good Lionel conjectures, but he needs to go; Anna’s sister is in trouble. Mueller rushes into her apartment but nothing is happening. She turns to ask Lionel to call about the EMT s but Fusco is down and the men who did it take Anna.

Q & A – Security



Reese updates Finch on what is going on with Anna. Harold thinks someone tampered with VAL’s coding to manipulate Zimmerman’s emotions and whoever is responsible is now after Anna because she won’t let it go. John promises to send Finch the code so Harold can analyze the algorithm as to why Zimmerman was targeted and what is at stake. Harold wishes John good luck, but then Reese tasks Fusco with hacking Fetch and Retrieve’s servers as John goes to rescue Anna. That’s not exactly Lionel’s forte but John sends him to someone who can help.  


Anna wakes up in the back seat of the vehicle of her abductors. She manages to get her handcuffed hands from behind her back and is holding her own fighting the two men in her escape attempt. John of course appears in front of the vehicle firing into it and causing it to crash. Reese/Riley helps Anna out; while she tells him she had it under control, he tells Anna they need to get out of there. When Anna asks why the rush if he is a cop, John tells her it’s too much paperwork he doesn’t want to deal with.

Q & A – Escape Attempt



Lionel goes to Fetch and Retrieve’s offices, confronts Prasad showing him pictures of Zimmerman, tells Naresh he’s involve in an innocent man’s death and if he doesn’t help Anna could be next. Lionel tells to Prasad access Fetch and Retrieve’s severs when Naresh asks how he can help…..Samaritan still searches for Claire.


Claire urges Harold to check what’s on the flash drive with, “Samaritan’s hunting us. Let’s hunt it back.” Fortunately Lionel calls to send Finch VAL’s algorithm for Harold to look over but before he can a security guard has come into the mortuary. Finch hides Claire in a coffin and uses an urn to knock the guard out. Harold tells Claire they need to leave and cover their tracks.


Reese is with Anna and tells her that her sister is safe. They discuss basically Anna that couldn’t do anything to help Jill so Anna started avoiding the problem, fighting in the ring; something she could hit and fight back. John tells her it’s the fights outside the ring that do matter. Anna decides that finding out who is after her is what matters now. Finch takes time out to call Reese. Harold looked at the algorithm; it was altered to target certain people into buying from Fetch and Retrieve’s advertisers, even if the subliminal suggestions push them over the edge like it did Paul Zimmerman. Finch knows who altered the code.


Fusco and Naresh go to the CEO to report the problem with VAL. Only the person who tampered with the code, Calvin Maser, shows up with some armed men to clean up. Fusco has to turn over his weapon outnumbered and outmatched.


Back at the mortuary Finch and Claire are set to leave as Harold tells her they need to stick to areas with no surveillance, “Luckily I have a map.” Claire admires how resourceful Finch is. It’s no wonder Samaritan is trying to track him down. “You’re a one man revolution, Harold.” Finch never told her his name. As Finch turns to ask how she knew his name, Claire pulls a gun on him. Claire admits that she almost beat herself in the game with that one slip, then demands Finch giver her his laptop and phone. Finch won’t take Claire to his friends; she’ll have to shoot him. If Harold comes peacefully she doesn’t have the authority to shoot him. When Finch’s asks her where; Claire tells him that after all Harold has said about it; she’s taking Finch to meet Samaritan.

Q & A – Cleaning Up


Calvin tells the CEO and the others in the room the new algorithm was successful, was going to make Fetch and Retrieve the most profitable search platform even if the deaths of a few people was the unwanted consequence. Maser has the means to hire those who stand in his way and is about to have Buchanan, Fusco, and Naresh killed when Reese and Anna arrive. The three take out Maser and the hired goons. Anna is somewhat impressed when Lionel punches out Maser, joking that his right could use some work. John thanks Lionel for his help; apparently Anna is not the only one impressed


Samaritan loses its camera feeds as Claire takes Finch to a school in a disadvantaged neighborhood. It’s a magnate school and it looks like Samaritan is using a successful method of teaching underprivileged students. “This is Samaritan!” Claire professes; fully fooled into believing that her AI is solving all the world’s problems. AND Claire wants Harold to believe it too; to join them. Finch is then surrounded by Samaritan operatives. Claire gives Finch one last chance. Finch admits, even admires what Samaritan appears to be doing, but reminds Claire it was willing to shoot her to get him to believe what it wanted. How far would is it willing to go to get the children to believe? Claire lets the operatives take Finch then. Harold will never be converted.


Samaritan’s men, along with Claire, leave the school with Finch, taking him to Greer? Someone shoots the men in the knees. Root doesn’t even fire at Claire, at first, just smiles and says, “It’s finally nice to meet you Claire.” When Claire runs back into the school Root wings Claire in the arm causing her to drop the phone. Root tells Finch he needs to let that one go. Claire can’t be saved from herself.


Samaritan can’t see what’s going on at the school and switches its view to Anna and Detective Riley. Anna has left Fetch and Retrieve. She might move somewhere where MMA fighting is legal, but for now Anna’s goal is helping her sister fight her cancer.


Finch is back at The Lair when Reese notices Harold has a different laptop. Harold says Claire has his old one. Root adds that Samaritan has it and grabs a laptop of her own but has to leave. When John asks if she is going on a new mission, Root answers, “There’s a lot that’s new.” When John asks to be filled in, Finch says if Root hadn’t intervened Samaritan would have him. Only good thing there was a tracking device hidden in the laptop Claire took, only the signal is lost. Finch tells Reese this game was played to a draw.


At Samaritan headquarters one if Greer’s techies said she disabled the tracking device in the laptop’s core but its history was wiped clean. Greer tells her to keep checking and also warns her to be careful about a laptop from Finch. Claire comes in the room just then apologizing for failing in her mission. Greer says no apology necessary her loyalty to Samaritan and its mission is what makes her so special. When Claire asks why they shot her mentioning she could have died, Greer just says, “For a good cause, my dear, all for a good cause.” Greer is then called away to a meeting. The meeting is with the CEO of Fetch and Retrieve…….

Q & A – For A Good Cause



The game was played to a draw. I think Finch knew all along that Claire was playing one with him and Harold let her believe he was being played. Only thing Harold didn’t expect was to have Root save him. Harold was going to let them kill him rather than give up the rest of the Team. Samaritan is like an AI cult leader brainwashing its members and Claire s one of its most faithful believers. Only now has the seed of doubt been planted that Samaritan isn’t as wonderful as she thinks it is? I don’t think the VAL program is gone from Fetch and Retrieve. Samaritan’s mergers and acquisitions have taken the company over. The VAL program altered with a Samaritan twist!!! Is there something else embedded in Harold’s laptop? What is the new in Root’s that is not all that’s new?


Person of Interest 4×16 “Blunt” airs Tuesday Feb 24, 10/9c on CBS



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