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Person of Interest 4×14 ‘Guilty’ – Videos, Recap & Review

Written by Blue Finch   // February 18, 2015

Person of Interest, Guilty, Harold Finch

Person of Interest 4×14 ‘Guilty’ – Videos, Recap & Review

Person of Interest 4×14 Guilty” – Finch’s toughest assignment yet: jury duty! – When the Machine arranges for Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) to sit on the jury of a murder trial, he begins to suspect that a fellow juror is set to rig the proceedings. Meanwhile, Reese (Jim Caviezel) begins to open up to the department’s therapist—Iris (Wrenn Schmidt).


Person of Interest season 4 episode fourteen guest stars: Blair Brown as Emma Blake, Pedro Carmo as the accused Chad Bryson, Paul Niebanck as CEO Dean Reston, Bryan Terrell Clark as Tim the juror, and Rich Topol as Phillip Ward.  Paige Turco reprises her role as Zoe Morgan.


Guilty begins with Harold Finch and John Reese in a diner. There’s been no word from Root (Amy Acker) and no new leads about Shaw (Sarah Shahi). Unfortunately there is a back-log of number they couldn’t get to during their latest fight against Samaritan and their search for their missing team member. Finch’s research has found the numbers are either dead or in jail after committing the crimes the team wasn’t there to prevent. John investigations have found three numbers that are open missing person cases. Reese wants to check if the cases might be connected. “Or still alive,” Finch doubts.


Finch wants to help John but won’t be of much assistance; Harold Whistler has been called to jury duty. Harold can’t get try to get out of it as Reese suggests and worries what will happen if a number comes up. When Reese says that he and Fusco can handle it, after what happened with Shaw, Finch wants to keep Lionel out of their operations for now. John agrees, both once accepted they would die for their mission but not others. They will work short-handed now, no one new. “It’s just you and me again Mr. Reese.”


Finch is grading papers in the waiting area when Emma Blake introduces herself. She asks where Harold teaches and adds she was a history teacher, but cutbacks forced her into retirement. Finch then hacks into the court system data base trying to remove Whistler’s name from the subpoena list but can’t. Something is blocking his attempts. Harold, Emma, and some others are then called into the courtroom.


Some of the other potential jurors come up with plenty of reasons why they wouldn’t make good jurors, but the judge doesn’t excuse any of them. Only Emma doesn’t give any excuses and is chosen. Harold Whistler can’t come up with anything to prejudice him in the case except when Finch starts talking about the super-computer watching everyone and slowly taking over the world. Whistler is told to return to his seat. (Of course everyone believes he’s a kook.) Finch thinks he’s off the hook so to speak until one of the selected jurors cell phone goes off with the ring-tone Can’t Touch This. The juror is charged with contempt and removed from the jury even though the man swears his phone was off. Whistler is called back—crazy or not. (The Machine is not letting you out of it Finch.)


John has missed quite a few of his mandated sessions with Iris. We know Reese was away searching for Shaw, but Iris was told by Captain Moreno Riley took some un-paid leave. John tells Iris there was a death in the family but clams up when she asks if he wants to talk about it. Good news is Iris has signed off John Wiley’s mandatory sessions.


Detective Fusco (Kevin Chapman) finds the missing persons files on John’s desk and starts looking through them. When he asks John if those are part of their side project, Reese tells him that has been put on hold, tells Fusco he’ll let him know when they need his help, takes the files, and walks away. Lionel watches John leaving like he knows Reese was sidestepping him. The pay phone in the waiting area rings and Reese answers. The Machine gives John a new number.


Finch is listening to the prosecution’s opening argument. Chad Bryson, a failed entrepreneur, supposedly killed his wife Carolyn Mills because he was jealous of his wife’s success. Her company was set to make billions on new cellphone technology. Finch is startled when John talks to him through their com-link. Harold looks around to see Reese standing in the courtroom. They have a new number and she, Emma Blake, is sitting right next to Finch.

Guilty – On Hold


The next morning Finch is on his way to the courthouse following Emma Blake. Harold spent the night going through her digital footprint. Finch didn’t find out anything Emma hadn’t already told him. That she is a retired high school English teacher after 41 years. Not happily retired Harold thinks because she’s on anti-depressant medication and is seeing see a psychiatrist. Finch believes though the only reason she needs their help is because of the trial.  


John is in Blake’s apartment and finds a folder full of press clippings about the trial. Emma had told the judge that she didn’t watch the news and knew nothing about Bryson’s arrest or the charges. They don’t know why she lied to get on the jury, either to kill the defendant or help him go free, but Reese and Finch assume she is a perpetrator.  


John is in The Haven using Finch’s computers to find anything incriminating on Emma when Lionel calls. Fusco did some looking into the missing person cases. One might have been involved somehow with Elias. John moves some folders and finds Shaw’s fake passports. He warns Lionel once again to let him handle those cases.  


With the loss of Shaw still bothering him John goes to Iris to ask if they can continue their sessions. She agrees but she’s going to be asking some tough questions, like who John Riley really is. She knows he isn’t really a cop from being raised in a police family herself.  


Finch listens to the prosecutor questioning a witness that presents Carolyn’s husband as jealous of her success. They fought over it enough that she was thinking about asking for a divorce three weeks before she was killed. The defense’s questions to the witness presented that the employees working for the company had stress related illnesses and one of them could have killed her. They then break for lunch.  


While everyone is waiting for their lunch, Reese contacts Finch. If Emma is going to kill someone, it’s with her bare hands. She doesn’t own a gun or has even tried to purchase one. Blake gets a text on a cell phone. From the texts it looks like she is being coerced. When Emma texts back she is not going through with it, that they’ll have to kill her, one of the jurors has an allergic reaction and goes into anaphylactic shock from eating mayonnaise in a sandwich. Emma Blake is not the perpetrator.

Guilty – Shock


The juror will be fine but will be replaced by an alternate. Finch believes Bryson hired a fixer that plans to kill any juror who gets in their way of getting an acquittal. The two plan to do some fixing of their own. Zoe Morgan, the fixer who has helped Finch and Reese before, once again offers her services. Zoe finds dirt on most of the jurors. Finch at first protests John bringing her in but they then get down to business. They can’t find anything linking Bryson to hiring a fixer or who it may be. So they prep Harold to sway the jury away from following Emma’s lead and voting innocent. When Finch is prepared to counter-point anything that leads to reasonable doubt towards Bryson being guilty they break for the night.


John meets Iris for their first real session; she gets him to open a little about his childhood. John closes himself off from caring about someone by not letting them in. Only Reese still loses people he cares about.


The jury hears closing arguments. Reese and Zoe had no luck finding the fixer. When the jury goes into deliberations, they hope Finch’s preparation to push for guilty votes will make the fixer angry enough to come out into the open. Emma Blake manages to get chosen as jury foreman. “Emma’s made her first move. You need to come out swinging.” Finch makes his case that all the evidence proves Bryson is guilty. John, Harold and Zoe are shocked when Emma agrees. The fixer wasn’t hired to get Bryson acquitted; the fixer was hired to pin the murder on him.

Guilty – Come Out Swinging


They had it wrong. John and Zoe need time to figure out who the real killer is and tell Harold to stall. Harold does this by not voting guilty and sets about to prove why by going through the evidence piece by piece. After hours of discussion he’s managed to raise some doubts about Dyson’s guilt with a few jurors.  


Meanwhile John and Zoe look for some kind of cover-up in finding a report about the company’s new 5K system cell towers and translated simply, Finch says the towers could microwave people–causing health problems such as nausea, migraine headaches or even cancer. The main tower was built at the company headquarters. That was why employees were getting sick. Carolyn read the report and wanted to stop the 5K system. That could cost the company billions. They now believe that someone at Infinite killed her and framed her husband. John points to a likely suspect, the new CEO, Dean Reston.  


Zoe shows John a news report of footage leaked from the trial, the fight between Bryson and his wife. The fixer made it look like there is a mole in the jury. The jury is sequestered and have all electronic devices taken away, including cell phones. John tells Finch not to worry, they will find a way to keep an eye on him and Emma.  


Emma is in her room and finds a photo of Harold under a pillow. It’s a threat on Finch’s life if she doesn’t obey them. Meanwhile Reese and Finch find a way to communicate through Morse code. John using the laser sights on his rifle, Finch the lamp. Emma can’t take the threats anymore and goes out on the balcony. Reese sees she is about to jump and tells Finch to get out there. Now!

Guilty – Sequestered


Finch pleads with Emma to not jump. She doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt; someone whose life still matters. Finch tells Emma her life still does then climbs over the railing and talks her out of jumping. Finch tells her he knows someone is fixing the trial and she only went along to protect other people. Carolyn was killed because she did the right thing. Finch promises they will help Emma to do the right thing now, not convict an innocent man. Emma believes him goes back into her room with Finch.


Reese is obviously proud of Finch and tells Zoe, she would be proud of Harold. Zoe tells John she hasn’t found anything to implicate Reston but knows the fixer’s location. Someone within the company used slush fund money to rent an empty floor across from the courthouse.


Finch tells Emma a friend (John) is on his way to stop who is threatening her. She has no idea who is behind it all only that after she got the jury summons, on the night she was to report, she got an envelope; in it were all the press clippings. There was a cheap cell phone also in the envelope on which she got a text, get on the jury or else someone will die. She tried to call the police but someone shot through her neighbor’s window barely missing the daughter. She then got another text, ‘The next one won’t miss.’ From then on Emma had to go along.


Finch tells her she did the right thing even though Emma believes she was a pushover as to why they chose her. Harold knows the feeling all too well when Emma mentions she had do it regardless. How can you know something bad is about to happen and do nothing to stop it?


Reese gets into the rooms on the floor that was rented, but no one is there. Zoe tells him they can’t nail Reston until they know who the fixer is. Reese says the fixer knows John is there but figures out why the fixer isn’t. Reese looks at the pictures of eleven jurors taped to a board. There is one juror not pictured. The fixer must be on the jury too, the inside man, even though he made Emma do all the dirty work. He’s there right now with Finch and Emma Blake.


Finch and Emma hear a disturbance in the hallway. The guard has been knocked out. Tim the juror breaks in. He plans to kill Harold, make it look like a suicide because incompetent Emma messed things up again. Tim warned her what would happen; now poor Harold has to pay.


Just as he is about to shoot Harold, Reese crashes into the room, runs into Tim which knocks the gun away, and a fight ensues. Finch smashes Tim over the head with a lamp when Tim looks to have the upper hand. When John hits Tim again, the man crashes threw the glass balcony door and over the railing. Reese pulls the guy up but not before telling Tim he is saving  him to stand trial and then punches Tim out.


The next morning in light of the new evidence the defense drops all charges, Bryson is free to go and the jury is dismissed. Emma Blake smiles at Finch, relieved that it’s over. They did the right thing.

Guilty – Inside Man


We find out as Zoe confronts Phillip Ward that he is the one who killed Carolyn Miller not Dean Reston. Reston was in the dark about problems with the 5K towers, but not Ward. As Miller’s right hand man he knew about Carolyn stopping the project, had access into her home and personal life and owns a 45 handgun. As Fusco arrests Ward, Zoe tells Phillip not to call her to fix things.  


Fusco confronts John Reese. Lionel tells him he knows why Finch and Reese are not letting him help, worrying what happened to Shaw will happen to him. He might get killed and Fusco accepts that. Lionel chose a long time ago what he was willing to die for. “Stop shutting me out!”  


Finch tells Emma that now the trial is over she’s glad things are back to normal. That kind of normal is not for her–she hates knitting–Emma decides to stop being retired. She’s going back to teaching, somewhere if not her old school district. Harold wishes her good luck and she thanks him for everything before they part.  


John Reese talks once again to Iris. Reese admits he doesn’t get close to anyone to avoid loss but it happens anyway. John accepts loss is inevitable. So is love Iris tells him. It’s a basic human need. Reese decides he won’t care about someone and not let them know anymore.  


Reese and Finch are back at the diner. Harold shouldn’t have jury duty for a while. They talk about the three missing persons; they had ties to Elias and Dominic may have something to do with their disappearance. When Finch asks why Reese is going to work with Fusco on this, John tells Harold they can’t bring in anyone new but they can’t do this alone. Harold says it’s a conundrum he knows all too well, “After all Mr Reese, that’s why I hired you.”

Guilty – Why I Hired You


Guilty –  Review

I loved the back to the beginning feel of this episode, just Reese and Finch saving a number together. John and Harold saved Emma and each other. I fell in love with Person of Interest because of these two. It’s been far too long seeing them working alone on their mission. Don’t get me wrong, Shaw and even Root have made their own contributions to be sure. I wonder if the loyal Lionel Fusco will finally be brought into the inner sanctum. I hope sincerely that Iris is just a good psychiatrist helping John with his issues. It’s back to the AI wars as Claire Mahoney returns and Root comes back in Q & A.

Person of Interest 4×15 “Q & A” airs Tuesday Feb 17, 10/9c on CBS



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