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Person of Interest – 4×13 M.I.A. – Promo

Written by Blue Finch   // January 27, 2015

promo heading M.I.A.

Person of Interest – 4×13 M.I.A. – Promo

M.I.A.” – Reese and Root’s hunt for Shaw takes them to a small town in upstate New York where it becomes apparent that not everything is as idyllic as it seems. Also, Fusco teams with a former POI to tackle the newest number, on PERSON OF INTEREST.

When the Person of Interest episode, If-Then-Else ended, Sameen Shaw risked her life to get the rest of the team safely away from Samaritan operatives. As Shaw lie on the floor, Martine’s gun pointed at her and the elevator door closed, all we heard was a possible single gunshot as everything faded to black.


In the previous episode and the final saga of the Person of Interest season 4 Trilogy, Control Alt Delete, Reese and Root run amok through the Northeast looking for Shaw. Under the assumption that Control while supposedly in charge of the Samaritan program should know where their fallen comrade is, kidnap the woman. They interrogate her but as we saw early on, Control really isn’t in charge of Samaritan at all and knows absolutely nothing about the incident at the stock exchange or about Agent Shaw. Only the kidnapping was an elaborate set-up to get Finch into the surveillance van of the government team sent to rescue Control, upload a worm tracker into the system, and get any information on Shaw’s location through the phone of a Samaritan agent posing is an ISA operative.


What they found was that a refrigerated truck—possibly carrying away Samaritan’s dead and wounded, maybe Shaw as well—left the stock exchange ten minutes after Shaw was shot and the remaining team escaped. The truck is now in a small town upstate. John and Root leave for Maple while Harold waits at The Haven.


In the promo for M.I.A., we see explosions, Root with her two guns out, Root questioning a woman and none too kindly as Reese even flinches, and the woman saying that she saw their friend alive. Some female, possibly Shaw, with a bandaged head is being carried by someone. I hope it is Reese carrying Shaw but I don’t think it is him; if it is Shaw it’s more than likely a Samaritan  asset carrying her. Why? I have my doubts they find anything except that Shaw is alive somewhere, especially seeing Root walking with Harold back in NYC. Root is positive The Machine knows where Shaw is. This is my theory and it may be way off base. The Machine knows where Shaw is, only telling Root where Sameen is will only get those attempting to bring her back killed. Shaw is safe, for now, and The Machine won’t sacrifice the other’s lives in a futile attempt to rescue Sameen. Root is upset about this and Harold tells her that the only way to find Shaw now is to finish the war to bring Samaritan down.


M.I.A. Promo

Person of Interest Tuesday February 3 10/9c CBS



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