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Person of Interest 4×13 Control Alt Delete Advance Preview

Written by Blue Finch   // January 11, 2015

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Person of Interest 4×13 Control Alt Delete Advance Preview


Bradley Adams of Spoiler TV was was allowed an advance preview of the next Person of Interest episode, Control Alt Delete. While he wan’t allowed to let us know the fate of Sameen Shaw, the team believes she is still alive and go all out trying to find her. Also Control is back with the first half hour is spent on her involvement with the relevant numbers and Samaritan. Adams referred to the pacing of the episode similar to Relevance. Fitting that Shaw will be leaving in an episode similar to her introduction back in season two.  I hope someday Sarah Shahi can return to her role as Shaw, but the actress plans to take a two year sabbatical from the show to spend time with her twins. A lot can happen in two years. Sameen Shaw may be missing in action til the end of the series.


Bradley Adams

CBS isn’t making fans wait too long for the next Person of Interest, with ‘Control-Alt-Delete’ airing this Tuesday. Luckily, I got to see the episode early and am here with a preview to quench your thirst (because after that last episode, a week really is a long time).

The relatively ambiguous ending to ‘If-Then-Else’ (remember, if you don’t see someone die on TV, they aren’t necessarily dead) left fans with one question. Is Shaw actually dead? Well, I can tell you that this episode reveals that [REDACTED].


Person of Interest


Well, unfortunately for you all it looks like the Machine redacted that information. However, what I can tell you is that Team Machine are determined to believe that Shaw is not dead, and that if they look hard enough in all the right places, they’ll find her. That is the one and only objective of the team in this episode, and they’re willing to go to great lengths to find her.

‘Control-Alt-Delete’ isn’t all about Team Machine though. As the title suggests, Control returns and plays a major role within the episode. In fact, the first half of the episode feels rather out of place, because Team Machine are scarcely mentioned. Most of Control’s storyline is related to the relevant numbers and Samaritan, and in that sense, ‘Control-Alt-Delete’ feels a little like ‘Relevance’, and I feel it works really well.




Camryn Manheim is really enjoyable to watch as Control, and she gets some really strong development. In addition, there is a Finch scene that is very interesting in terms of his character development, in which Michael Emerson is, as always, fantastic. Reese is, once again, a broken man, while Root is clearly highly emotional and angry. Imagine Root as Reese from ‘The Devil’s Share’, just with a little less tall, dark and stormy and more psychopath. Caviezel and Acker especially are excellent in their roles.

Oakes Fegley’s Gabriel returns in an intriguing way. I wouldn’t say his scenes are quite as strong as the conversation from ‘The Cold War’, but he is still great to watch. For such a young actor, he really is knocking it out of the park.

There isn’t really all that much else I can describe without giving too much away. While it doesn’t match ‘If-Then-Else’ in quality, it is a sublime episode – I’d probably consider it at ‘God Mode’ quality.

Shaw’s Fate?

POI-If Then Else


Person of Interest Control Alt Delete Tuesday January 13 10/9c on CBS



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