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Person of Interest – 4×10 The Cold War – Samaritan Is ___ ?

Written by Blue Finch   // December 22, 2014

The Cold War

Person of Interest – 4×10 The Cold War – Samaritan Is ___ ?


At the time of this writing, it has been four days since Person of InterestThe Cold War, aired. The Team was receiving numbers but Samaritan’s agents were getting there first, handling them effectively and sometimes with deadly results. The AI was flexing its muscles running the city efficiently and helping the police apprehend criminals by manipulating the fugitive’s digital footprints.


When that show of force failed to get The Machine to agree to a meeting, Samaritan showed its brute strength by manipulating digital information instead to turn people against one another and allowing the criminal element to go on a murder spree. The Team was losing more numbers than they could save. TM had to agree to meet with Samaritan.


Even though this episode was the Person of Interest finale for mid-season, it didn’t having me grabbing the edge of my seat like I thought it would, however, I was left with a feeling of impending doom. I was shaken by the talk between the two AIs. I have always felt Samaritan wasn’t evil or some kind of monster, but that belief was quickly shattered hearing the AI’s words coming out of the mouth of a child. What struck me was Samaritan saying neither of them was like humans. I have always believed The Machine developed caring and a sense of morality—good human traits—only wanting to protect humans as best it could while allowing them to make their own decisions. I saw the exact opposite in Samaritan. There is no caring, it doesn’t want to alter the human condition for the betterment of man, it is only changing their reality so they will bow to it out of fear not gratitude. Of coarse The Machine couldn’t secede to Samaritan’s demands, surrender your existence for the lives of your assets. (Hopefully Root will tell Harold TM didn’t cave into Samaritan’s demands in order to protect its existence but to save the lives of the humans it truly cares about.)


Only the episode, TM, The Team is not the reason for this poll. What do you the viewers think about Samaritan? If none of the answers fit for you, feel free to add your thoughts. This bad boy—thing is not going away any time soon. Unfortunately.




Peace Talks

Samaritan’s Offer To The Machine

Person of Interest  The Person of Interest Trilogy continues Jan 2015 Tuesdays 10/9c on CBS



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