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Person of Interest 4×10 The Cold War Revisited

Written by Blue Finch   // January 5, 2015

Person of Interest

Person of Interest 4×10 The Cold War Revisited



The Cold War” – Samaritan shows its power by erasing crime from the city for a day in an attempt to force The Machine out of hiding.

The Person of Interest finale for the year, The Cold War, began on a somewhat humorous note with Harold Finch going toe to toe with a food service worker who obviously has never heard of the phrase—have it your way—needing to repeat the ingredients for the sandwich once again. With his order finally to his specifications, we see Harold returning to The Haven through what I imagine is one of several ingenious and well hidden entry ways into their subway headquarters. The sandwich it seems is a peace offering to Shaw. Harold walks into the area to see Root in a Bernstein Bear costume and Shaw handcuffed to the bench. Harold leaves Shaw to eat her meal but pauses as he starts to talk about their latest number, when realizes a previously handcuffed Shaw is now standing next to him and Root is fiddling with the handcuffs puzzling how Sameen got out of them. John is working on the new number alone, when he spots Jeremy Lambert, a Samaritan operative. Lambert sits down with Rachel Farrow, a woman with intentions of killing her abusive husband. In much the same way one of The Team would, Jeremy reveals that he knows what her husband has done to her and offers to help. But, unlike Team Machine, Samaritan makes itself judge, jury, and executioner and solves the wife’s problems—permanently—by killing the husband. Shaw wonders why Samaritan is working the numbers when Finch adds it doesn’t care about the irrelevant ones it wasn’t programmed that way. Yet, it did. Finch concludes it is trying to draw attention to itself, but why? We then see Lambert looking up into a camera talking to The Machine. The footage from the camera is at first through Samaritan’s view the quickly glitches to The Machine’s.


Samaritan has been working irrelevant numbers for several days The Machine has informed Root, something Finch has found out as well. The AI seems to be running the city as well, smoothly. They can only conclude Samaritan is trying to open up communications with The Machine. This alarms Finch that if the two AI’s try; it cannot end well. (I think because he remembers back to the prototype AI’s he first designed tried to destroy each other before he successfully created The Machine.) Root still has faith that TM will protect them, while Finch reminds them all, that even a benevolent AI might not have humanity’s best interests at heart even if it does something like ending world hunger by thinning the population. Artificial intelligences can never have a human’s moral code because they are not human.


Reese is out on a new number when Fusco calls to find out where John is. The police have been busy; info leaked to the press by Samaritan led to the arrest of so many criminals the holding cells were overflowing. Yet some identity thieves never made it to jail by meeting their untimely demise. The number John was investigating was a bomber, but before Reese could act, a swat time swooped in to arrest the man. Seems he was caught because the police somehow found out that the guy looked up how to make bombs on the Internet. Hmmm. Shaw still thinks it’s a good thing that Samaritan is handling things now, jokes they could use a vacation, but Harold warns her this is only the calm before the storm. Root is out at the behest of The Machine looking for someone. It’s Lambert she finds and turns down the invite to the chat Samaritan issues by way of its lackey. I don’t know that accepting it would have changed anything, even as Lambert warns her what a not so charitable Samaritan can do. Greer had told Lambert and Martine both Samaritan planned to show its true power even before Lambert gave The Machine the invite via its analog interface. As Root leaves a pay phone rings. We hear the voices of The Machine giving her a number. The storm has begun.


Samaritan interferes with a number now by leading Reese on a wild goose chase so the number, a perpetrator, can get away with their intended crime. Finch has to go in the field to save another. Even Root is out in the chaos. Samaritan released information never meant to be seen turning people against one another. A secure list of persons in the Witness Protection Program was leaked. Fusco was too late to save a husband and wife. Root couldn’t save the number she was sent to protect. Finch saved his but could have been killed when the number’s building blew up. Shaw thinks it’s time The Machine meets with Samaritan but Finch is still frightened of what the outcome could be. Root tells them both it is not their choice; The Machine says it is time. Samaritan messages Greer to activate its assets and he calls Lambert. Root, Lambert, Martine, and Reese meet up in a church guns pointed. Lambert tells everyone to back down, he is only there to set up the meeting. Back in The Haven, Shaw is grabbing every weapon in her arsenal believing Root is walking into certain death. Finch convinces her somehow to stay because The Machine is watching out for her, (This scene gave me some hope Finch still some faith that The Machine.) Root goes to a school in New Rochelle and meets with Samaritan’s own analog interface, a young boy named Gabriel. Samaritan can’t see Root as Samantha Groves, analyzes that The Machine had done something to its hardware to hide TM’s assets from it, declares it would not let humans be in control their own lives anymore, would destroy The Machine, and asked would TM allow its human agents to die with it. The battle lines were drawn between the two AIs. Samaritan usurping its domination over humanity and The Machine fighting for the right of free will for them. Samaritan didn’t want to make the same mistakes The Machine had, allowing human’s a free reign on handling their own affairs. Some think The Machine signed The Team’s death warrant by not giving in to Samaritan’s demands. Giving in would only seal their fate.


The numbers keep coming and John Reese gives a list of names to Detective Fusco. (How much longer can Lionel be kept in the dark?) They have a better chance of saving them if they split up. While Harold is away doing some unknown task, Shaw packs her things and leaves to help her friends, promising an upset Bear, she will return. Greer tells Lambert Samaritan is preparing something to show the world its power. Root is sent to Wall Street with no address. The Cold War ends with Samaritan breaking through the firewall then installing a virus into the stock market computer programs.


John Greer

In between crisis happening in the present day, we saw glimpses of the events that culminated into the man we know as John Greer. He was an English MI-6 agent in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Greer was betrayed by his agency much the same as Reese and Shaw were. Greer and and another agent were sent on a mission. It was a set-up and the other agent was killed. Greer caught the killer who turned out to be a double agent, MI-6 and KGB as well. To save his own life the double agent gave up Greer’s superior, also a double agent. Greer killed the man, burned his own file and the only record that an MI-6 agent John Greer ever existed, and disappeared. In the intervening years Greer most likely was a freelancer, working for the highest builder while building a business entity. One large and powerful enough to find out about AI and try to takeover first The Machine and then Samaritan. It set up a group of privacy activists as pawns in outing the Machine and subsequently as domestic terrorist, tricking the government into using Samaritan. And ultimately fulfill Greer’s ideal that there should be no more governments or borders, everyone ruled by one entity, his Samaritan.

The Cold War Ending

Person of Interest season 4 Trilogy continues Tuesday Jan 6th 10/9c on CBS



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