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Person of Interest 4×09 The Devil You Know Revisited

Written by Blue Finch   // January 4, 2015

Person of Interest The Devil You Know

Person of Interest 4×09 The Devil You Know Revisited



The Devil You Know” – Reese and Finch are caught in a power struggle for control of the city’s gangs when Elias is targeted by Dominic, the ambitious leader of the Brotherhood. Meanwhile, Root and Shaw disagree over how to handle a new threat from Samaritan.

When the episode previous—Point of Origin—ended, Shaw was facing down Samaritan’s very own T3, Martine. When The Devil You Know begins the two opposing machine’s assets were staring each other down when Shaw’s annoying day job manager decides to pick this most inopportune time to start nitpicking. Pulling him down below the counter just as the bullets start flying—they both avoid getting shot. Shaw pulls out a semi-automatic and begins to fire back, quips about it being a good time to ask for a raise, then ducks out from behind the counter to head for the exit. There is a brief firefight between Martine and Shaw during which nothing was hit but walls, counters, and merchandise. Sameen slips out the back door to ride away with Root on a motorcycle. Luckily they found refuge in the back of a moving van which just so happened to be parked in a camera dead zone. Fusco later pulls the van over in yet another dead zone. While the detective feigns to check the load for drugs, the ladies slip away un-noticed, supposedly following Finch’s instructions to use the shadow map to return to The Haven posthaste.


With Shaw sidelined with her cover blown, Finch and Reese are once again on their own together to handle their new number, Carl Elias. Reese tracks down their number, finding Elias walking with his second on a boardwalk. They meet with an unknown individual for a business meeting—whom Finch later finds out is Bruce Moran, Carl Elias’ business manager and accountant. Reese spots Link, Dominic’s second, tailing and photographing the three. John quickly follows Carl and Anthony to warn them Dominic is making his move.


At first Elias doesn’t take Reese’s warning seriously—Carl has been threatened often enough and has handled everything—so he blows off John’s offer of help and walks away. When one of the mob bosses own men tries to ambush them from behind and is stopped by John, who has followed them both; Carl Elias and his second, Antony “Scarface” Marconi agreed they needed Reese’s help plus more backup. Only the back-up that was needed was from Geno, a long-time business associate of Elias’ who has also turned traitor by joining the Brotherhood. The three leave just before Dominic and his men arrive at Geno’s. Against John’s advice, the men head to Carl’s accountant’s office to regroup and for Elias to pick up something important there. Bruce’s office is located in an older, rundown building Carl Elias had purchased; he planned to renovate it as something good he could leave to the community as his legacy. Later we found out the building used to be a group home where Carl and Anthony grew up. It was a place Elias wasn’t too fond of because of his memories there. Yet there is some significance to the building.


They are there only a few moments before Dominic’s men show up. With the exits blocked off, the only thing to do is get in the elevator and head up to the penthouse. Elias needs to get into the safe but Reese pulls him away telling him whatever is in the vault isn’t important and they escape into a hidden exit as The Brotherhood storms the room. Unfortunately as they make their escape, Scarface is wounded. Anthony tells them to keep going while heading back towards the penthouse to hold the gang members at bay while Carl and John escape. Elias’ call, “Anthony!” was heartbreaking as they escaped further into the building leaving Scarface to his fate.


While John is in danger protecting Elias, the rest of the team members have troubles of their own. Finch must leave to assist Reese as no one else can. Harold was going to send Detective Fusco, but has to tell the detective to stay at his desk and carry out his normal police activities after Martine finds and questions Fusco about his traffic stop to do a drug search. Lionel knows she is a fake and slyly gets her to leave though. Meanwhile Root has to actually drug Shaw in order to protect her when Shaw was bound and determined to go help her partner John, not really thinking of the consequences. No one is safe as Samaritan threatens the team while The Brotherhood is determined to take down Elias.


Reese, as he always does, has managed to get Carl to safety. They were out of the building close to getting away, Finch waiting in the car, when Elias aims the gun Reese gave him at John’s head. When Reese told Carl that wasn’t the plan, Elias tells him there were two plans. One: John saves his life and two: he saves John’s by keeping Reese from following Elias back into the building. Carl couldn’t let his friend die, was willing to trade himself and his empire because he cared about Anthony more. Friends and allies since childhood, their lives similarly scarred in their youths, Anthony physical scar across his face, there was a bond of love there.


Carl goes back into the building and turns himself over to Dominic in exchange for Anthony, the deal Dominic had made and reneged on. Thinking there was something that would make him more powerful in the vault; Dominic demanded the code to the safe. Elias did his best to get Scarface free. With Anthony pleading that they’ll never let him go, just give them the code, and he just wanted it all to be over, Elias chokingly tells him that he’s done enough. An emotional Carl gives each number of the code over the phone to the Brotherhood members holding Anthony hostage. There was nothing in the vault but a bomb, the building was a failsafe. Scarface was ready and willing to die for his friend, maybe in Anthony’s last seconds he knew his ‘boss’ would get away. With the explosion killing a lot of Dominic’s soldiers, there was enough of a distraction for John to get back in and get Elias once again to safety.


The episode ended with Elias meeting with Bruce Moran. Elias handed him an old picture of the three of them. Moran, Elias, and Marconi were three friends who met in that group home and through the years built a criminal empire that brought some semblance of order in the criminal underground they controlled. Carl trusts Bruce to keep his wealth safe and to help Elias exact his revenge upon Dominic and those he trusted that turned against him. Dominic wanted this war and it is war he will get. Elias calls Harold and John to thank them for saving him but left them with a warning that Elias is going to fight this war and they would be wise to stay out of his way. Elias walks away alone (paralleling Witness walking away with his friends) saying “Invictus maneo,” or “I remain un-vanquished.


The Devil You Know – Closing Scene

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