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Person of Interest 4×08 Point of Origin – Video Recap

Written by Blue Finch   // November 24, 2014

Point of Origin Person of Interest Reese

Person of Interest 4×08 Point of Origin – Video Recap

Point of Origin” – Reese volunteers as an NYPD police academy instructor in order to keep an eye on a talented young officer whose suspicious actions make him question her motives. Meanwhile, Martine – armed with information from Samaritan – hunts a member of the team, on PERSON OF INTEREST.

In Person of Interest, Point of Origin, we first see John Riley (Reese) participating in a training procedure, cautiously making his way shooting targets until he is shot in the leg with a paint round ending the exercise. A cadet had left the group using the fire escape to get the shot on Reese. (We find out Reese had been recommended by Iris, his department shrink, to fill in as a temporary instructor.) The cadet’s name is Dani Silva who is also the number.      


Riley sort of admires the tactics Silva used in getting the drop on him, but other cadet trainees are not so happy with what she did. Though there is one cadet who offers to clean her cadet weapon if she shows him some of her moves. John watches all this and assumes, along with Harold who has been listening in, that Silva’s threat may be from one of her class-mates.   


Reese continues to keep an eye on Silva, when she gets invited to meet with the group at a bar. She declines as she already has a date. John has to pass on Finch’s suggestion that he check on Silva’s date. (Professor Whistler is not the only one with homework to grade.) Shaw and Fusco take up the surveillance. The date turns out to be Silva spying on the other cadets. She meets with a man, calling the other recruits the targets, when he asked if they are the ones. The mystery man hands her a gun, telling her to stick to the plan when Silva says she is ready to go. The next day Reese watches more of Silva’s suspicious behavior. Assuming Silva is the perpetrator; the team wonders if she is a mole working for someone looking to find recruits to blackmail or worse, to eliminate.      


John Riley misses his scheduled appointment with Iris to continue watching Dani. Shaw and Fusco followed the mystery man to his home after his meeting with Silva. When he leaves the house in the morning they opt to search his residence instead of following the man. Reese is tailing the POI when Iris finds him and sort of gets in the way while trying to talk with John. Detective Riley gets her to come along with him if Iris wants to continue the conversation about his hero complex. Fusco calls Reese to tell him Silva is IA, the mystery man is her handler. They all realize Silva is not the perpetrator but the victim as men in a black SUV are getting ready to make a hit on the number. (What have I said about black SUVs being bad news?) John warns Silva before the shooter opens fire. The SUV drives away when Reese and Silva both fire back.      


After sending a shaken but still curious Iris off in a cab, Reese confronts Silva about who she really is. Dani admits to being IA and needs to talk to her handler that her cover has been blown. Except that she can only talk to him in person, no digital correspondence. John insists on going with Silva to cover her back. They head to her safe house where her handler, Detective Howard, is to meet her. There are police already at the safe house. Reese finds out Silva’s handler has been killed, her academy firearm the murder weapon, and any record of her true identity destroyed. Added to that, money was wired into her bank account. Someone wants Silva gone.     


 Meanwhile Fusco and Shaw follow the SUV to a community center. Inside they find out Mini, the muscle Shaw let get away once, had ordered the hit on Silva. Fusco and Shaw overhear Mini talking about getting gangs all over the city to join the Brotherhood by rewarding them with cash if they join or threats if they don’t. Only Elias and his organization have held out. Of course Mini has a plan and Silva was on to it. Only the drive-by failed and Mini is going to execute the shooter. Mini as muscle wouldn’t have the power in the Brotherhood to order hits and executions, that resulted in the team realizing Mini is actually Dominic emphasized by Harold scribbling doMINIc on the glass board. (I love Harold’s genius but damned if I didn’t shake my head at him just now figuring that one out.)     

Shaw can’t stop Dominic without harming innocent kids and they get away. Dominic later meets up with his mole in the police academy—the shooter of the failed drive-by already another homicide—the recruit Ortiz. (The one who took Silva’s weapon to clean for her, the firearm left at the crime scene of handler’s murder.) Dominic has put money into fixing up the community center Ortiz’s uncle ran and also got the uncle out of a drug charge. Because he owed Dominic something, Ortiz was pressured into stealing files from the NYPD through the academy servers. (Dominic’s plan similar to Edward Snowden getting NSA files.)      


The team discovers that there were files stolen by Ortiz and Dominic was keeping him at an abandoned school a street gang, now with the Brotherhood, had taken over. Silva and Reese head to the school; Reese brought along his Plan B, a grenade belted Bear. They arrive at the school in time to save Ortiz just as the Brotherhood was going to execute him. Bear takes down the executioner, while Reese and Siva disable the rest. Of course a grateful Ortiz, Silva, and Reese are in a stand-off as Ortiz doesn’t want to be taken in either. They convince him to surrender but just then the injured gang leader sounds an alarm that brings the rest of the gang’s members running. The only exit they can find out of the building is through the pool room and that ends up being a dead end as the doors are blocked off. Thankfully Bear remembered to grab the grenade belt.  John uses them to blow a hole into the bottom of the pool which then drains into a sewer main. They all escape through the hole, even Bear who is scuba certified. Fusco and Shaw take Ortiz away with Silva thanking Reese for his help. I assume Ortiz’s admission will get her job back at Internal Affairs and she can be some kind of help getting IA off of John’s back.      

Why there weren’t police all over the school I don’t know, but Dominic shows up, just a little angered his plans were messed up again by Detective Riley. The leader of the gang who let them escape popped off Dominic was no better than them. It was here Dominic reveals he was the nobody sitting in the back row that no one ever paid attention to that was motivated by a lesson a math teacher once gave about pi. (Yes Harold Swift in 2piR of season 2.) The endless possibilities in one small circle and what you choose to do with them; Dominic chose to take over NYC. Dominic then convinces one of that gang leader’s followers to execute him. “We all die in the end, better to go out on top.”


While the team dealt with the number, they did not know that Samaritan was reconstructing the facial features of Shaw’s image on the surveillance video Grice destroyed. Greer believes whoever the image is that person is involved somehow with their “four underground friends”. Samaritan pulls up the images of the thieves who stole the virus Greer wanted to acquire. Tomas is long gone, two of them are dead, and the female member of the gang, Katya, is serving time at Ryker’s. Martine posing as a lawyer visits Katya. Katya wouldn’t give up any names but after Martine showed her a picture of a little girl, Katya gave her the name of Romeo. Romeo recommended another wheel-man to replace her after Katya was arrested.     


Martine finds Romeo and after shooting someone trying to ambush her, Martine threatens that Romeo will never use both arms again unless he tells Martine how to find Shaw. He tells Martine he only makes contact through the Angler app. I doubt she let Romeo live regardless, as she takes his phone and somehow tracks Shaw to the department store. Samaritan can’t find her but Martine can. Martine pulls a gun out in the middle of Bloomingdale’s just as Shaw notices her.     


I can’t help but think this episode wasn’t as much about the number as it was setting up what is going to be dark, dangerous, and deadly confrontations between the team, the criminal element trying to take over New York City and the forces of Samaritan taking over, well everything. John got to be the hero saving the POI of the week. Dani Silva’s story was not unique: an undercover officer so far undercover no one knew except her handler who was killed. Silva was being set up because she found the mole in the police academy. Detective Riley with help from Bear captured the cadet who helped in framing Silva of the murder of her handler, saving the man’s life in the process. Harold and John working together again in each other’s ears and Bear’s heroics were some highlights in the number’s story but it was just a prologue to the confrontations I mentioned. Martine and Dominic both used relationships in some way to get what they wanted. What can be used by Dominic against Elias? What can be used against the team by Samaritan? 

Point of Origin

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