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Person of Interest 4×08 Point of Origin – Sneak Peak #2

Written by Blue Finch   // November 18, 2014

person of interest 4x08 Point of Origin

Person of Interest 4×08 Point of Origin – Sneak Peak #2


Point of Origin” – Reese volunteers as an NYPD police academy instructor in order to keep an eye on a talented young officer whose suspicious actions make him question her motives. Meanwhile, Martine – armed with information from Samaritan – hunts a member of the team, on PERSON OF INTEREST.


The first sneak peek for Person of InterestPoint of Origin, was just a brief clip of John keeping tabs on the POI. And as seems to be the usual in the release of these teasers, the second sneak peek happens first. We find out Detective Riley (John) has a temporary assignment as a tactical weapons instructor at the NYPD police academy which fortunately is short-handed on staff. (I wonder if Finch worked his magic making that opening. Was there any doubt what Detective Riley would be training with Reese and his affinity for weapons?) The assignment also allow him to get a first look at the new number, Dani Silva.


After what is probably their first training exercise, John seems to be impressed with the young recruit’s weapons handling even if she is a bit ‘unconventional.’ Harold remarks that sounds like someone he knows. My first thought was that Finch was referring to John, but it could be any of the team. Anyways, according to the records Detective Fusco sent to Finch, Ms. Silva appears to be just an average police academy recruit. Yet someone wants her dead assuming she is not the perpetrator. From the promos I am anxious to find out how being around the number can blow Reese’s cover.


Point of Origin Sneak Peak #2

Person of Interest CBS Tuesday, Nov.18 10/9c



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