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Person of Interest – 4×08 Point of Origin – Promo Photos

Written by Blue Finch   // November 12, 2014

Person of Interest, Point of Origin

Person of Interest – 4×08 Point of Origin – Promo Photos


Point of Origin” – Reese volunteers as an NYPD police academy instructor in order to keep an eye on a talented young officer whose suspicious actions make him question her motives. Meanwhile, Martine – armed with information from Samaritan – hunts a member of the team, on Person of Interest.


I was surprised to see these first look promotional photos for Point of Origin. After CBS has released upwards of 16 photos for prior episodes, I totally expected to see more for the Nov, 11th episode, Honor Among Thieves insteadOf course there is still time for more photos to be to be released, for both episodes. We certainly haven’t been teased much by these promo photos to give us even an inkling what Shaw will do to catch Samaritan’s eye next week, or who Martine is hunting in tis episode. (With the show being pre-empted this week for election coverage there was no video promo after Pretenders, and although I watch CBS mainly at night or on football Sundays I haven’t caught any video promos for Honor Among Thieves. I doubt any aired promos now will be any different than the extended promo CBS puts on their website days before the episode airs.


I am super excited to see Reese’s posse (Shaw and Fusco) working together. Although Fusco doesn’t look too happy to see Shaw safe-cracking or what they found there after. Not even going to try and guess what the problems are between Root and Shaw. And what of John Reese/Detective Riley? I sure would like to see him in some photos at the police academy. Curious also what Finch is up to. Sure hope he is not the one Martine is after and he’s staying hidden in The Haven. With John Riley occupied at the academy–Root, Shaw and Fusco doing what they are doing–Finch is probably safe at The Haven manning the coms. (I hope.)


Point of Origin First Look


I got my wish. CBS released more promo photos today for Point of Origin. Four spoilers of John Reese aka Detective Riley at the police academy. Nothing of Finch who is probably safe in The Haven, but Bear is with John. Since Detective Fusco–John’s partner in homicide–is busy with Shaw, John has his other partner with him. Now I always love to make conjectures of what may happen and 99% of the time I am dead wrong so take all this with a grain of salt. Just some crazy observations and I haven’t been to a police academy, but the school sure reminds me of a public school. Why would a police academy have a Table of the Elements tacked to a wall? Maybe it’s only a police academy on nights and weekends. Or are they throwing us a curve ball, it really a high school where trouble is brewing. All is well at the NYPD Police Academy. And where is Harold? It’s probably just me but I get worried when I don’t see Finch anywhere. I know he’s probably safe in The Haven doing what Harold does best. Two weeks to find out.


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