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Person of Interest 4×07 Honor Among Thieves Revisited

Written by Blue Finch   // January 3, 2015

Person of Interest Honor Among Thieves Shaw

Person of Interest 4×07 Honor Among Thieves Revisited


Honor Among Thieves” – Shaw joins a team of international thieves in order to keep tabs on the latest POI, but an unexpected turn of events puts her in danger of being detected by Samaritan.  Also, Finch and Root undertake a dangerous sabotage mission, on PERSON OF INTEREST.

At the very beginning of Person of Interest season 4Honor Among Thieves, Shaw is impatiently waiting in the getaway car on the rest of her gang of petty thieves to drive them away from their latest robbery when Finch calls about a new number. The thieves have taken too long, Shaw asks for Harold’s help in their getaway, before Shaw and company end up evading the police who were hot on their tails. Only Shaw is not happy with their sloppiness in the timing, tosses the loot and the car keys in the river and quits the gang. Shaw meets up with John Reese who is already watching the newest number and she learns the numbers  is Tomas Koroa, a dual citizen whose apparent occupation is an international wine dealer. Shaw shoos John off to do ‘police stuff’ while she keeps an eye on Tomas. Hours later while talking to Finch that she has no idea why he is the number. All Tomas has done is gone from restaurant to restaurant. It becomes interest when Tomas meets up with three other people. They crash the car through the front of the building and pull off a well-organized heist of a jewelry store. Finch does his research and finds out Tomas is also part of an international group of thieves known as the Hole in the Wall Gang, because of their modus operandi.  Finch is ready to turn them into Interpol but Sameen convinces them that they to find out why they were given Thomas number besides not just turn in him and his gang. John, Detective Fusco, and Bear are part of setting up the female member of Tomas’ gang on drug charges opening up a spot for the Ms. Shaw. The gang now minus one member quickly accepts Shaw partly because of her references from Romeo as a replacement twenty minutes before their next robbery.


Twenty minutes later, Shaw is pretending to be a guest with valuables she doesn’t feel safe keeping in the room’s safe. The manager shows her the hotel’s vault allowing the thieves to gain access. They steal the vault’s safe, pulling it out of the building through the walls with a truck, with no one noticing all the noise above the Veteran’s Day celebration complete with fireworks. Back at the gang’s lair, Tomas opens the safe only to find vials in a sealed metal container instead of jewels. Shaw senses something is not right, pulls Tomas from the room as the other two gang members, Max and Hendrik, open fire. Finch finds out the initials, M.A.R.V., that were labeled on the metal box do not mean Marv but M.A.R.V.e, a deadly virus that Root refers to as Ebola’s deadly twin. Thomas doesn’t know the name of the client who wanted the job done. Reese goes back to the gang’s lair; the vials and the other two thieves are gone. Reese later finds Max and Hendrik dead, so they can’t identify who hired them and furthermore the client is silencing anyone involved. Fusco interrogates the woman they arrested and even though she can’t help them identify who hired them, she does tell them whoever it was knew Tomas very well. Finch learns that whoever stole them put the vials into a vault at the most secure storage facility in New York. When Shaw and Tomas arrive at the facility where Tomas sees a man from his past, Marko. He was the only one of the gang’s members to ever get caught. Apparently Marko faked his own death while in custody and set up this heist to double cross Tomas. Marko believes Tomas betrayed him by not getting him free. Shaw also recognizes some people outside the facility: Grice and Brooks, two agents working for Control with the former being a trainee of Shaw. The team doesn’t want Control and/or Samaritan to obtain the vials. The only way to know the virus is destroyed is to do it themselves prompting Shaw and Tomas to enter the facility. Grice and Brooks also enter, but receive new orders to retrieve the vials for extraction rather than destroy them. Grice is wary of the change, believing that it’s weird that they went from investigating numbers to outright killing them, but Brooks tells him to keep going with the mission.


Shaw watches while Tomas breaks into the vault holding the vials only to discover they aren’t there.  Marko arrives with his men, deciding that the best way to disperse the virus in New York as per the client’s wishes is through the healthy hosts of Shaw and Tomas. The relevant agents get to the vault door when Reese and Fusco intervene. The gunfire distracts Marko and his men, allowing Shaw and Tomas to fight back and dispose of them. As Shaw escapes with Tomas and the vials, Grice is able to catch up with them. Grice believes that Shaw, who he thought was dead, would know what’s best to do with the vials and allows them to leave. With the vials safe in the team’s hands and the number saved, it’s time for Thomas to leave. He tries to convince Shaw to come along, Tomas leaves the country onto his next heist without Shaw. Even though the pay sucks and she will get killed doing it Shaw has loyalties to her mission and the people she cares about. During the closing moments of Honor Among Thieves: At the end of their relevant mission, Grice deletes the footage from when he let Shaw go, but Samaritan retrieves it and analyzes the erased data. Samaritan reconstructs Shaw’s image! Looks like her identity cover could be blown.


Another Finch Mission in Honor Among Thieves

Finch did his part helping to find out if Tomas Koroa was the perpetrator or victim. But Harold also had his own side mission to accomplish, this time with Root’s help. Finch at first meets Root in a park. She is impersonating a French nanny. Harold needs her help with finding out what Samaritan is using Governor Nicholas Dawson for. Governor Dawson first move as governor was to grant millions to a charity called OTPS, owned by software engineer Jared Wilkins. The engineer, who just so happens to be at the park, is having a hard time taking care of his child, which allows Root to come to the rescue and somehow ends up at the engineer’s house babysitting his son. Using her nanny cover she plants a baby monitor in Wilkins’ home allowing Finch to learn more about Wilkins’ charity. OTPS is an abbreviation for ‘One Tablet Per Student’, a program that would give all elementary school children a tablet to help with their education. In theory it is a great idea, but Root and Finch believe that this is merely a way for Samaritan to watch the youth of New York allowing the AI to mold them through subliminal coding in the programs. OTPS has a facility set up that will be using 3-D printers to create these tablets. Root disguises herself as an employee and disconnects the Internet blinding Samaritan and allowing Finch to hack the printers. The hack causes a fire that burns the building down, destroying the engineer’s plans to distribute tablets. While Finch was hacking into the printers, Harold looked at the tablet’s OS and finds that there was only one suspicious line in the coding. Other than that there was nothing harmful, the engineer was trying to do something good. Finch realizes Samaritan’s motives may be suspect but he can’t help feeling conflicted. “How much wrong are we willing to do in the name of right?”


Honor Among Thieves Ending – Shaw identified?

Person of Interest season 4 returns  Tuesday  January 6 on CBS 10/9c



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