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Person of Interest – 4×07 Honor Among Thieves – Promotional Photos Spoilers

Written by Blue Finch   // November 6, 2014

Person of Interest, Honor Among Thieves

Person of Interest – 4×07 Honor Among Thieves – Promotional Photos Spoilers

Honor Among Thieves” – Shaw joins a team of international thieves in order to keep tabs on the latest POI, but an unexpected turn of events puts her in danger of being detected by Samaritan.  Also, Finch and Root undertake a dangerous sabotage mission, on PERSON OF INTEREST.

It’s almost two weeks away because on November 4th, election coverage pre-empts the network’s regular programming. But CBS has released the first set of promotional photos for, Honor Among Thieves. airing Nov. 11th. I haven’t read anything to confirm this but if you have read the press release for, Point of Origin, Martine (Samaritan’s T3) is targeting a member of the team. We are due for the mid season cliff hanger related episodes. Are The Powers That Be  going to change things up and have someone else besides Reese getting shot or arrested, then separated from the team. Even though Shaw appears to be the likely candidate, I still expect the writers are going to stick with Reese. Why break a three year tradition?


Finch, Reese, and Shaw are in The Haven (From now on I will refer to the underground railway repair station base of operations as The Haven until another more official name is chosen.) maybe preparing their strategy on how to protect the number. I am terribly uninformed about actors and I don’t know who is who in the photos so I am guessing he may be the gentleman standing alone next to Shaw.


John Reese doesn’t look too pleased standing next to his mini armory in The Haven. Is it because something has gone awry with the mission about the number or is he upset about Harold and Root heading off on their side mission of sabotage without his backup? (Of course it’s not that no one is unarmed because Root never leaves home without a satchel full of ‘accessories.’


I will be on the lookout for more promotional photos and update this when more are available. With upwards of sixteen of them released for prior episodes, I am sure these are only the first batch to be released. I am curious to see anything hinting to what is going to be sabotaged with some pictures of Finch and Root together.

 Honor Among Thieves – First Look

Person of Interest CBS  Tuesdays 10/9c



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