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Person of Interest 4×04 Brotherhood Video Recap & Review

Written by Blue Finch   // October 21, 2014


Person of Interest 4×04 Brotherhood Video Recap and Review


Brotherhood” – Reese’s cover job as a detective at the NYPD becomes complicated when the young brother and sister he’s protecting become targets of a gang investigation, on Person of Interest.


In the prior episode Wingman, Fusco, Reese, and Shaw worked together to save the number while Finch and Root went off on a side mission on their own. In Brotherhood after three episodes of everything being up in the air and basically the mission coming back together, all the team works in saving the numbers. They are two siblings who stumbled on a drug deal gone badly and took off with the gang’s—the Brotherhood—money.


John Reese, still attempting to maintain his detective identity, takes the case upon himself and makes it work with the job. Detective Riley’s case leads him right into the midst of a DEA investigation. Reese ends up getting partnered with DEA Agent Lennox and they investigate the kids together. Eventually they track down the children; Finch had lost them when Malcolm spotted Harold tailing them after the kids had stopped to buy new clothes on the way to their next destination.


They, Reese and Agent Lennox, get the kids to a penthouse and attempt to convince them to give up where the money is hidden. They need the money to hire a lawyer to get their mother out of prison and Malcolm refuses to tell them anything. That is, until Reese pulls out his amazing kid skills and manages to convince Malcolm that telling them where the money is will be the best way to protect his sister and make everything right.


Finch meanwhile meets with their old nemesis Elias to enlist his help and strike a deal with the mobster in hiding. Team Machine needs help after all, since their entire operation ended up dismantled at the end of last season. They need information about the criminal activity going on just below the surface of New York City. Who better to help than Elias? His assistance comes with a price. He wants answers. Who could blame him? The criminal genius realized something has changed although it’s something not visibly perceptual. No doubt he wants to know what it is exactly he’s getting into before he dives right on in.


DEA Agent Lennox had warned Detective Riley she was suspicious of a mole within her agency and would only trust her partner with the information. And of course, I don’t think anyone was fooled when Lennox turned out to be the mole taking the information, making a run for it, leaving the kids and Reese to deal with the Brotherhood.


Just like old times Reese ingeniously borrows a can of mace from Tracey, Malcolm’s sister, and rigs a bomb of sorts to go off in the elevator. It smokes a few members of the Brotherhood from the elevator forcing them to take the stairs to the penthouse where they think everyone is still hiding. Reese and the kids escape into the parking garage and after Reese kneecaps more of the gang, they think they are in the clear. Except two more of the gang grab the kids before Fusco shows up with kneecapping skills of his own to save them.  Their victory is short-lived as even more Brotherhood members pull up in a dark SUV.


Malcolm ends up ditching Reese and Fusco as they prepare to shoot it out and turns himself over to the Brotherhood in exchange for his sister’s life. Of course Reese is not having any of that, takes the bag of decoy money and manages to trade himself for Malcolm. Reese and Link (the Brotherhood member in the car) have met before and when Link discovers the money isn’t in the bag, he has no problems with killing Detective Riley especially after their first meeting when Riley arrested him.


And at this point Shaw comes to the rescue. Earlier she had captured one if the Brotherhood’s lackeys and had been trying to get information out of him. When Mini gave up nothing Shaw let him escape and followed him to the gang’s stash of cocaine. Shaw called Reese who handed Link the phone. After Shaw threatened to burn the drugs, Link cut his losses and let Reese go. John gets away and returns the children home safely. In the end Reese hands Malcolm the business card of a good attorney, tells them that the kids will now be together in another foster home.


Finch is back once again on the subway meeting Elias. Finch admitted the world had changed, but keeps the details to himself in order to keep Elias safe. Instead, he gives Elias a copy of The Invisible Man by HG Wells along with the address where the cocaine had been stored.


And of course the big surprise of the night, at least for me, Mini (DoMINIc) the one Shaw had all night was not just a lackey but Dominic, the leader of The Brotherhood. He shoots the DEA agent who tried to steal from him, tells Link he knows Shaw and Detective Riley work together but how or why he doesn’t understand, but he will.


In conclusion, at the end of Brotherhood, the children have been saved, but we are left to wonder will the Brotherhood still get Malcolm to join the gang. An alliance between the team and Elias has been forged against them. And something Dominic said in a way echoes what Finch told Reese in the pilot, “There’s only one rule in the game. No one makes it out alive.” In the upcoming battles between the Team and the criminal gang, there will be deaths, but does that also mean the war with Samaritan could follow a similar path?


In the next episode, Prophets, the number is in danger from Samaritan’s asset, Martine. I don’t think any of the team or Root will die but is it possible in the future they might not be so lucky.

The Brotherhood

The Money Trail

On The Move

Even Trade

Crossing The Brotherhood

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