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Person of Interest 4×03 Wingman Video Recap and Review

Written by Blue Finch   // October 20, 2014

person of interest fusco wingman -review

 Person of Interest 4×03 Wingman Video Recap and Review


Wingman” – Finch recruits Fusco to stick close to the latest POI, a professional “wingman,” but learning how to approach women soon becomes the least of his worries. Meanwhile, Reese must find a way to play by the rules at his new day job as the Machine sends Finch and Root on a mysterious errand.

After the first two episodes of Person of Interest this season focused heavily on Samaritan and getting our team back together to continue their mission under the AI’s watchful eye, Wingman was a kind of light hearted relief.  Not to say it was completely a step away from the seriousness of the overhanging threat of Samaritan and the risks now facing the team, we got to see how working a number could be done in the new world facing them. And with Reese being sidelined trying to get back in the good graces of the new captain, the number was saved all with the help of our Detective Fusco.


The number is a professional wingman, someone who gets paid to improve a guy’s attractiveness in order to find women. Detective Fusco, who has been gifted a week of the wingman’s services and has never been the one to try to be the ‘I’ in team, begrudgingly allows everything about him to be examined under a microscope. Poor Fusco gets torn apart, all while trying to save Cooper, the number and the guy doing the critique.


Of course the reason Fusco is finding himself preoccupied with the number is because Reese is stuck back at the office trying to get the new Captain off his back. After his stunt of kneecapping a suspect that wasn’t related to the cases Detective Riley was supposed to be working on, Finch urges him to take his cover seriously.  Reese spends his time actively trying to close as many cases that he and Fusco have, using actual police work (of course he had help, some of the info didn’t just materialize out of thin air) while covering for his partner out in the field handling the number. Shaw is Fusco’s backup while Reese is preoccupied keeping an eye on Fusco and the number.


Reese is in the office placating his captain while Shaw and Fusco are handling the number, so what is Finch up to? The Machine has plans for him also. Mr. Finch aka Professor Whistler is sent out on a mission of his own as a Mr. Egret. (Yes, can’t get away from those bird names.) At first Mr. Egret and his accomplice Root buy an anti-tank missile which they plan to turn around and resell. Even though Finch seems entirely reluctant to do anything the Machine wants he still plays up his part in the ruse. I was even a bit frightened myself watching Mr. Egret, so un-Finch like. They purchase the weapon and before they leave Finch questions how what they did was a good thing in regards to giving money to a criminal element when the police show up to bust said criminals. The Machine is still doing her job Root says. (Maybe it’s just me but I found something strange and maybe relevant in that Samaritan doesn’t seem the least bit interested in these goings on.)


Fusco’s cover does get blown early on, but he does find out that Cooper left his job as dock worker to become a wingman.  A friend of his on the docks (and ironically had suggested at one time Cooper would be good at it after he’d been instrumental in getting the friend and the friend’s wife together) had been involved in a murder of another dock worker and Cooper had left the job and the docks behind refusing to testify against the friend.


Fusco and Cooper go to a charity event; Fusco’s paid for time wasn’t up. Outside both are grabbed by the friend and his cohorts.  He wants to make sure Cooper doesn’t testify. So Fusco ends up in a bit of trouble, locked in a shipping container with Cooper. The worst part was? Cooper hadn’t ever intended to testify because of the strong bond of friendship he had with his fellow dock workers. He learned, through this experience though, that even our friends can be bad people and it doesn’t excuse their behavior. Funny enough, as it often happens; Reese ends up on the scene and comes to the rescue because the murder he was investigating happened to be connected to Cooper. Shaw with the help of Bear tracks Fusco and Cooper to the shipyards. With just enough time to spare Reese finds the shipping container, frees Fusco and Cooper before following Shaw and Bear to help kick some ass and take names. In the end Shaw, Fusco, and Reese solve a murder case and bring in the bad guys.


Root and Finch end up doing some good work of their own. Finch couldn’t keep up with his bad Mr. Egret personae and ended up refusing to resell the anti-tank missile to the mob. Root tells Harold, “She (The Machine) knows you so well. Root kneecaps all the baddies in the room; they end up being busted by the NYPD while Harold and Root make off with the mob’s stashed money and weapons. Samaritan isn’t concerned with the trivialities of crime or petty crime; unless it’s in the purview of national security it seems and won’t ever notice the acquirement of the mob’s ill-gotten gains by Finch and company. The Machine knows the team needs money after Finch’s assets were frozen.


In conclusion for Wingman , Reese and Fusco end up on their captain’s good side, Finch and Root acquired much needed cash and weapons. Shaw got to be her bad self and Bear got to be more than just their pet.


Wingman – Professional Help


To Marvelous For Words


Danger Calling


Welcome Back




Mr. Egret

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