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Person of Interest 4×03- Wingman – Sneak Peek #2

Written by Blue Finch   // October 6, 2014


Person of Interest 4×03- Wingman – Sneak Peek #2


The second sneak peek of Person of Interest, Wingman, has Root visiting the new lair. She has come to tell Finch the Machine has something that will help out the team, but she doesn’t know what it is. Harold has returned to the mission and even though we saw a bit of Finch unthawing in his relationship with his creation he’s still leery of anything that the Machine wants. Harold calls the mysterious errand The Machine sends Root and him on, a wild goose chase. Even though Finch’s  initial reaction is very frosty, I still see the eventual reconciliation between man and his machine.


Wingman – Sneak Peek #2

Person of Interest  CBS Tuesdays  10/9 c.



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