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Person of Interest 4×03 Wingman Revisited

Written by Blue Finch   // January 1, 2015

 Fusco  Person of Interest Wingman

Person of Interest 4×03 Wingman Revisited



 “Wingman” – Finch recruits Fusco to stick close to the latest POI, a professional “wingman,” but learning how to approach women soon becomes the least of his worries. Meanwhile, Reese must find a way to play by the rules at his new day job as the Machine sends Finch and Root on a mysterious errand.

The third episode of Person of Interest season 4, Wingman, starts out with John Riley (Reese) and Detective Fusco chasing a suspect through the streets ending with John kneecapping the fleeing man. Fusco lectures John about not being a lone wolf anymore, waiting for backup and following the rules. Of course this latest shooting puts John Riley on the new captain’s as well as Fusco’s—John’s actions in his new identity making Lionel’s real job difficult. Harold calls; they have a new number.


Back in The Haven, Finch is telling Sameen Shaw that until he finds funds to support their mission, they all have to make do in living off the incomes of theory new identities, which isn’t much. Reese arrives at The Haven and is briefed on the new number. Andre Cooper is a former longshoreman turned professional social liaison, a professional wingman. They feel it’s necessary to get close to the number to figure out why he left his former lucrative job for the current one. Even though Reese turns down the assignment of going undercover here, there was no need. The two had already recruited Fusco for this one. With Shaw as his backup, Detective Fusco meets with Andre. Lionel is posing as an insurance salesman who received a gift of a two day package for the wingman’s services from Harold. Fusco braves the insults thrown his way and eventually Andre begins the task of remaking Lionel Fusco by taking him to buy clothes. Lionel quips to Shaw as he leaves that he knows who the threat to Cooper is, it’s him.


Root shows up at The Haven telling Finch that The Machine has an assignment (what exactly she doesn’t know) for them, which Harold refuses to do at first calling it a wild goose chase. Root says it’s more like a scavenger hunt that could make it worth Finch’s while. Reese is at the station working on a homicide case and comes up with possible evidence to a women’s murder, the husband was the primary suspect but they had no solid leads. Now Detective Riley has found something, emails from the husband to a known hit-man. (Is this Finch’s handiwork or has John learned a few hacking tricks from him?)


Speaking of Harold, Finch is seen entering a wrecking yard with Root. Shaw calls him to let him know she found emails from one of Andre’s former clients, threating Cooper’s life, but also voice-mails—Andre was subpoenaed about a stolen gun shipment, stolen from the docks where he once worked, that also happened around the time Cooper quit his job there to become a wingman. Shaw asks for Finch’s assistance but she has to make do with Fusco. The detective is busy getting clothed and getting ready for his first lesson on attracting the ladies. In the meantime Finch and Root, Mr. Egret and associate, buy a missile launcher from some shady guys. As Finch is questioning Ms. Groves what they are going to do with the launcher, where she got the money to buy it and if the men will get to keep on selling illegal weapons, the police swoop in to arrest the perps. The Machine is still doing its job. Fusco on the other hand is not, striking out with the ladies. An old friend of Andre’s, Mickey, shows up. The friend met and married his wife with Cooper’s help. The boyfriend of a woman eying Cooper tries to start a fight and Lionel stops him. Fusco’s cover is blown when he pulls out his badge to arrest the guy.


Cooper questions Fusco why he lied and if the detective was investigating him. When Shaw calls to speculate Cooper may be a perpetrator—a security guard was murdered about the time of the shipment theft and Andre’s quitting, the two had been emailing each other—maybe they had stolen the guns together. Lionel tells a white lie about hiring a wingman and Cooper offers to finish the two days Harold had paid for, taking Fusco to another gathering. Back at the precinct, John wraps up one murder case, and with a bit of help from the new captain he runs a game on a new group of suspects that murdered a used car salesman. They killed him over money the salesman had embezzled. (The captain didn’t ask how he found this out; was it John’s hacking skills, Finch’s?) Detective Riley tricked one of the men to roll over on the other—case solved, but since John was on a roll; the captain handed him another case file.


Fusco and Cooper go to an art exhibit/silent auction. Shaw is there keeping watch on Fusco, but another lady also has eyes for the detective. Cooper urges Lionel to speak with her. Finch and Root meet a man in the park who will take them to a buyer for the rocket launcher. Finch is afraid of getting caught, but is all business with Jerry. The three leave to meet the buyer. Back at the exhibit, Shaw notices two men, dock-workers, and warns Fusco. Lionel takes Cooper out the back but before Shaw can get there to help, Fusco is bush-whacked from behind and the two are taken away in a van.


Reese fixes up Shaw’s knife wound that she received trying to help Detective Fusco. They think Cooper and his friend Mickey stole the gun shipment and one must have double crossed the other. The two watch surveillance footage (Courtesy of big brother, i.e. Samaritan) and locate Mickey’s van. John can’t go with Shaw to find Fusco and Cooper—the captain calls him to keep up on the case she gave him, to find a street vendor and witness to a murder—so Shaw takes Bear along. Detective Fusco and Andre Cooper are tied to chairs in an empty warehouse. Andre tells Lionel his friend was responsible for the guns theft, making the shipment disappear off the books for a drug dealer named Dominic. He didn’t want to testify because Mickey was his best friend.


Mickey comes into demand what Andre has told the authorities. Even though Cooper tells his friend he didn’t turn on him like Mickey has with his friends—killing the Mylo and turning the rest into bad men—Mickey  still says he’s going to kill them both. The authorities won’t come after Mickey though because he’s setting it up to making it look like Cooper killed a cop. John finds the street vendor and offers the man enough money to start a new life if the man tells Riley what he knows about the murder. Jumpy Jerry takes Root and Finch to meet the buyer. He tells Finch the buyer can’t be trusted, no one can. Root thinks the meeting will be interesting, Finch says not if they end up dead. Shaw finds the warehouse is empty when she gets there but gives Bear the scent from to find the men. They run towards a yard full of shipping containers. Mickey and his men lock Fusco and Cooper in an empty container. He paid a friend to make sure the container doesn’t reach its destination. Mickey tells them not to worry they’ll die from heat and thirst and not drown when the container is dumped in the water.


Finch (Mr. Egret) is questioned by the buyer who agrees to buy the weapon for $150,000 but Finch backs out not wanting to sell it to the mob, any mob. Root tells Harold The Machine knows him so well and kneecaps the mob leader and his men. They leave before the police show up, with Root telling Finch she’ll have to show him why they went through all they just did. Fusco uses his cuff links to unlock his handcuffs and then frees Andre. They still can’t get out of the container. Fusco uses the ‘a concerned third party’ answer when Cooper asked Fusco who he really is. Shaw is following Bear when Reese finds her and asks why she is there. Reese is there cause the street vendor in the case he was working on was a witness to the murder of the security guard, Mylo Jacobs. They find the container and while Reese goes to set the two men free, Shaw and Bear go in search of Mickey and his goons.


John frees Lionel and Andre. The three leave to find Mickey and his men. Shaw finds one of the men and takes him out Reese does the same with a second thug. Mickey though pulls a gun on Fusco and Cooper, Andre stepping in front of Lionel. Bear distracts Mickey by barking and growling; Fusco punches him out. The new captain is impressed by John’s work solving the cases. The Latvian mob Root kneecapped happens to be seated, arrested because of an anonymous tip. If she didn’t know Riley was elsewhere she could have thought it was John’s handiwork. Fusco commends John on being a good cop but turns down a drink with John to go meet the lady from the auction. Lionel finds out Andre is going to testify; he knows he can’t run from his past. The two men part ways with Cooper telling Lionel if he ever needs a refresher course to give him a call.


Root opens up a storage unit filled with weapons, computer equipment, electronics, and other items. This was the reason for their mission. The Machine believes in saving the irrelevant numbers and supplied The Team in a way Samaritan would never find out. Finch can’t access his bank accounts but the Latvian mob has millions of dollars hidden in the storage unit also. Ill-gotten gains can now be put to good use. Root suggests Finch give The Machine another chance. Finch asks, “What will we do with the missile? Root answers, “I’m sure we’ll think of something.”


 Wingman Ending

Person of Interest returns Tuesday January 6th 10/9c on CBS



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