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Person of Interest Panopticon – Sneak Peek #4

Written by Blue Finch   // September 22, 2014

Panopticon Greer and Garrison

Person of Interest 4×01 Panopticon – Sneak Peek #4


A fourth sneak peak from Person of Interest’s season premier, Panopticon,  gives us a look into Samaritan’s surveillance as Greer (John Nolan) and Senator Garrison (John Doman) talk.


I watched the teaser trailer that was released at the San Diego Comic Con this summer and had a theory that Senator Garrison might have been part of Greer’s master plan not as a dupe but a government official on Decima’s payroll. It still wouldn’t surprise me if I am right.


From this sneak peek, regardless if Garrison really was tricked into turning over those government feeds or working with Decima all along, it sure looks like Samaritan has deemed the senator a possible threat.


Samaritan communicates with Greer almost like The Machine does with Root. I hope I am wrong in that Samaritan is not truly the black to the Machine’s white, that somewhere in its programming is still resides an intelligence designed to help mankind like its father, Author created, but it frightens me that I am not and this AI may be something even Greer can’t handle.


Panopticon Sneak Peek Four

Person of Interest Season Four premier on CBS Tuesday Sept. 23 10/9c.



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