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Person of Interest 4×01 Panopticon – Sneak Peak

Written by Blue Finch   // September 18, 2014


Person of Interest 4×01 Panopticon – Sneak Peak


I don’t know if John’s alias is really Crockett. Since Miami Vice came on back in the 80’s, I’ve heard that name used as slang for narcotics officers. Still nice call back to one of my favorite shows back in the day. (Update: Reese is now Detective John Riley)

Something I have been wondering is who is getting the numbers. Is John still being Finch til the real one comes back? Is he still answering ringing pay phones? Or is Root continuing to be the direct line to The Machine. Is it a combination of both or neither one? (Edit: John answered the pay phone for their first number since Samaritan came on-line; numbers still come that way. Root is still in contact with TM but not like before.)

Five more days to Sept. 23, Person of Interest, Panopticon.


Person 0f Interest 4×01 – Panopticon

Person of Interest Season Four premier on CBS Tuesday Sept. 23 10/9c.



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