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Person of Interest 4×01 Panopticon Revisited

Written by Blue Finch   // March 3, 2015

Panopticon, Person of Interest

Person of Interest 4×01 Panopticon Revisited

Panopticon Press Release Synopsis


Panopticon” – Forced to take on new identities created by Root, the team tries to adapt to their new lives. However, some find it hard to ignore The Machine’s numbers, which puts them all at risk of being detected by Samaritan.

The first episode of Person of Interest season 4, Panopticon, takes place approximately two months after Samaritan came on-line and the team had to flee abandoning everything to save their lives–disappearing and reappearing with new identities as irrelevant as the numbers they had been saving. Harold Finch was now Professor Whistler; John Reese, John Riley an undercover narcotics officer; Sameen Shaw, Sameen Gray a counter girl at a department store of all things, and Root–we only later find out has had several identities that changed, frequently, and still are.


Finch was at first reluctant with good reason to help John (and Shaw) with the number; Harold ignored the text alert on his phone that was intended to gather the three at a motivational lecture. Only later at Root’s push Harold rushed to help Reese and Shaw. The first number the team received since going into hiding was Ali Hussan, the owner of an electronics shop, who had been forced into developing an undetectable cellular phone network for a gang of criminals known as the Brotherhood. The owner’s son, Ben, was kidnapped by the gang when the man refused to help them further, going so far as attempting to kill Link–whom we later learn is the gang leader Dominic’s second in command. In order to get his son back, Ali needed to complete the work on the phone network.


Ali had technical issues getting the phone network to connect and Finch shows up to assist. Harold also warns Reese when he goes to find the son to play by the rules. John seeks out Elias who doesn’t play by the rules. Elias tells John that The Whale–something one of the gang members told Reese about earlier–was a shipment of heroin the drug cartel brings in and cuts for distribution. The Brotherhood has taken HR’s place handling this.


Finch helps Ali Hussan get the phone network up and running. Hussan shows Finch he set up routers for the network to use outdated and surveillance free VHF signals from thousands if not millions of rooftop television antennas. Only Link refuses to give Ali back his son. Harold calls John giving him the location where the gang is using one of the network’s phones location nodes. With some help from Scarface crashing a semi into a car transporting the first batch of drugs for distribution, John has probable cause to search the house Shaw takes out some of the gang members and John takes out the rest. Link escapes temporarily with Ben until John pops up in Reese style and knocks Link out. The police arrive, Link is arrested, the drugs and the phones confiscated.


Later John meets with Harold in the park once more. Finch has the supposedly confiscated phones and gives them to Reese so he and Shaw would now have a network phone system untraceable by Samaritan. John gives one of the phones back to Harold. Finch takes the phone and leaves asking Reese once more to be safe. John Riley gets promoted to detective because of the drug bust and Detective Fusco has a new partner at the 8th.


Shaw who throughout the episode has been turning down requests to a meet with Romeo is forced into a date. Romeo is the ring leader of a group of petty thieves and Shaw becomes their wheel-man or woman.


Finch goes through the dissertation The Machine wrote for Professor Whistler writing down the clerical errors the Professor’s department head so helpfully pointed out. Harold ends up in the university library looking at a book about New York City’s underground sewer system and its abandoned subway tunnels. The premier episode, Panopticon, ends with Harold entering the tunnels and discovering…..?


Panopticon Closing Minutes

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