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Person of Interest 3.23 Deus Ex Machina – Season Finale Storyline

Written by Blue Finch   // April 28, 2014


Person of Interest 3.23 Deus Ex Machina – Season Finale Storyline


CBS released the air dates and story-lines for the season finales of its 2013-2014 series, including Person of Interest. Season Three Episode Twenty-Three Deus Ex Machina will air Tuesday May 13 at 10:00 (9:00 central).


The team takes desperate action in its race to prevent the malevolent AI program Samaritan from coming online and making them its first targets. Meanwhile, the months-long battle with the anti-surveillance terrorist group Vigilance comes to a shocking conclusion.


I wonder what desperate action the team has to take to stop Samaritan from going fully online. It is online now, but only had a twenty-four hour beta testing period with limited access to government surveillance feeds. What will happen if Samaritan is allowed full access? Its my opinion but I don’t see its programming as malevolent, just the men using it are. The team definitely needs to stop it, regardless. And does the desperate action have anything to do with Root and the Machine’s army of hackers that show up in New York in the prior episode of Person of Interest, A House Divided.


As for Vigilance I think there is more to Collier’s actions than anti surveillance actions against the government. The group had to use surveillance of their own to find out about the data broker, Sloan and Greenfield, Claypool and the Samaritan drives, etc. I have no doubt the next battle will be shocking but a conclusion?


The season two season finale God Mode didn’t have a huge cliffhanger, only the call from the Machine to Root which left me wondering was it real or Root’s delusion. I wasn’t left with that, “Oh no!!! We have to wait four months!”, jaw dropper. I have a feeling Nolan and company are going to make up for that and when Deus Ex Machina  is over, I will be going “No! No! You can’t end it this way”, and be left thinking fall is an eternity to wait for.


Season three saw the end of HR and unfortunately the death of Detective Carter (Taraji P Henson). The team has had to move on without her as the battle against Vigilance escalated and after Greer (John Nolan) stole Samaritan’s drives and Decima carried out their plans to get it online, trying to find a way to stop them. Decima with the AI fully operation endangers the lives of the Finch (Michael Emerson), Reese (Jim Caviezel), Shaw (Sarah Shahi) and even Root (Amy Acker).


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