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Person of Interest 3.23 Deus Ex Machina – Extended Promo

Written by Blue Finch   // May 8, 2014

Harold Finch

Person of Interest 3.23 Deus Ex Machina – Extended Promo


In the season finale of Person of InterestDeus Ex Machina, Vigilance is going to hold a mock trial and I was worried about what happens to the accused if they are found guilty. Someone, we don’t know who, is found guilty and sentenced to death. Was it Finch? After he confesses he built the Machine, it would seem to be, but Harold seems to be to shocked. After his sacrifice to maybe save the rest (though most of them can burn for all I care) was it someone else still found guilty. I know Reese along with his reluctant new ally Hersh, will save Finch. But will Harold still have his anonymity or will everyone know about Harold Finch?


Not now Finch.

Deus Ex Machina


Not now Finch. Reese utters these words as Harold confesses. Are Reese and Hersh watching some internet feed? Not how Reese wanted you to stay alive Harold.


And an NYPD swat team raiding the Library, what the…? After watching the promos again I still keep feeling as if my own home had been broken into. Will the team ever be able to go back there?  I saw pics of Detective Fusco in his POLICE vest. Maybe he has something to do with the raid and hopefully they can return one day. It just won’t be the same without that old library and its books.


When A House Divided ended, Root sent her team of loyal hackers away. She planned on entering the building housing Samaritan on her own. I think with the seven stolen servers. In the promos Shaw looks to have went to the facility also. Will the two female team members succeed in stopping Samaritan with whatever Root and her hacker friends did with those servers. I never thought of Samaritan as malevolent, just having bad handlers. Maybe they plan to use Greer’s own season two tactics and upload their own virus. One that turns the AI from foe to friend.


Deus Ex Machina – Extended Promo

Person of Interest, season finale airs Tuesday May 13th  10/9c on CBS



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