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Person of Interest 3.22 Deus Ex Machina – Sneak Peeks

Written by Blue Finch   // May 13, 2014

Reese and Hersh

Person of Interest 3.22 Deus Ex Machina – Sneak Peeks


There is still a blackout. Root sends Reese and Hersh to street corner where they meet up with Fusco. Root sent Bear to the precinct with a message to come to that location. Um was this before Root and the geek-squad parted ways at the Samaritan complex?


Deus Ex Machina Sneak Peek


I think this starts off Deus Ex Machina at a point where last week’s A House Divided ended. Shaw, Reese and Hersh in the building where Greer held Harold. Hersh has not taken Knee-capping 101 it seems, but hey they’ll kill themselves anyways before talking. It was not those Decima henchmen’s day.


Sneak Peek #2


A peak at the mock trial. Sure looks like the only people willingly at that trial are Vigilance members. Even the live media reporters were brought against their will.


Sneak Peek #3

Person of Interest, Deus Ex Machina, airs tonight, Tuesday May 13, 2014 10/9c on CBS



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