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Person of Interest 3.22 – Beta – Video Highlights

Written by Blue Finch   // May 6, 2014

Samaritan Beta Test

 Person of Interest 3.22 – Beta – Video Highlights


In Person of Interest, Beta, the introduction was skipped and went directly into the Machine accessing its data banks with glimpses of Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) and his ex-fiance Grace Hendricks (Carrie Preston) before we see Grace looking for Harold and him limping away in the aftermath of the ferry bombing. The Machine detects Samaritan has come online and initiates a protocol to obscure the digital footprints of its assets. But like a computer tech recovering erased data from a hard drive Samaritan still manages to find Harold’s different aliases and a connection to Nathan Ingram (Death Benefit). And the current whereabouts of John Reese (Jim Caviezel)and Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi).


It has been a week since Harold Finch has disappeared. Reese has resumed his role as the contingency plus being Finch til the real one reaches out to them or comes back. Shaw stops a robbery and an attempted murder of a store owner. Business not quite as usual, but the numbers still need saving. Unawares of the danger they are in, Root (Amy Acker) pulls Shaw into an alleyway and informs them Samaritan is now online and Decima’s hit squads are after them and they need to get invisible. Basically what the Machine uses to watch them, to keep them safe, Samaritan can now use to hunt them down.


While Reese, Shaw and Root avoid Decima’s hit men, Greer (John Nolan) meets with Garrison (John Doman) and shows the senator the probable terrorists it has found in New York City four hours into its Beta test. Greer promises the senator the proof of one terrorist and their planned act of terrorism at the end of the test. But, when Garrison leaves we find out that it is just for show, Greer’s real goal is not in finding terrorists but Harold Finch. Finch though has hidden himself well, they can’t find him, so they search for anyone in NYC that might have a connection to him and Samaritan finds Grace Hendricks. In a flashback we see through Samaritan’s view, Grace is at a memorial for Harold Martin. She becomes Greer’s target and Reese and Shaw’s new number as a payphone rings. (Is anyone concerned there are terrorists in New York Cityand Root as the tertiary operation is not after them?)


Despite Reese and Shaw saving Grace Hendricks from a Decima agent in front of her house, then taking her to Detective Fusco and the 8th precinct and stopping another Decima operative posing as law enforcement from taking her, Root frying the surveillance feeds inside the precinct and causing a distraction for the four to flee unnoticed, everything is for naught. Samaritan finds Reese, Shaw, Root and Grace and more of Decima’s agents t-bone the car they are in and take Grace. The agents can’t kill the team as instructed and Reese, Shaw and Root manage to escape to New Jersey out of Samaritan’s view.


Root and Fusco Beta

 “Just cooking” Root and Fusco –  Beta


While sitting in a coffee shop Root shows them a map if some surveillance dead zones, a pier in Red Hook in particular. They steal a ride in a delivery van. At the pier they find an undocumented ship with a dead crew, containers of servers for Samaritan, and no Grace. One of Decima’s men is shot annd killed by Shaw and the man’s damaged tablet PC gives them a clue where Grace might be. Root stays behind while Reese and Shaw head to Brooklyn.


Greer questions a confused Grace Hendricks but gets nothing from her but the fact she really believed Harold was who he said to be and would have done anything for her. Shaw and Reese get to Brooklyn only to find Greer is gone and his hostage too. As they watch a video feed, Greer orders them to bring him Finch in exchange for Grace. They do find Finch sitting on the steps of Miss Hendricks home. They do not want him to do it but support Finch’s decision to trade himself for Grace. Finch wants there to be no violence, but orders them to kill Decima’s people if Grace is harmed.


The exchange is made, Grace Hendricks is safe, the fate of Harold unknown. John gives her the envelope later, tells her she is safe for now and convinces her to leave for Italy. Grace has a new name, a new job, a new life and Reese tells her not to look back. I am sure as a friendly warning, it’s safer that way. Grace kind of figures out what happened had something to do with Harold, but asks anyway. All Reese tells her is he knows she loved Harold and Harold loved her back.


Samaritan lost its temporary feeds, its Beta test shutting down, but Greer has Garrison in his pocket now, they’ll get the feeds back.  Not only does Greer have Senator Garrison’s future help, he now has what he’s wanted all along, Harold Finch. Shaw and Reese meet up with Root, she has stolen seven of Samaritan’s servers. (I hope she destroyed the rest.)


What happened to Harold after the friendly meet and greet with Greer? And what of those stolen servers?


Beta Video Clips



Grace Hendricks


Kill Them All


Trust Me

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