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Person of Interest 3.21 – Beta – Promotional Photos

Written by Blue Finch   // April 28, 2014

Beta Testing

Person of Interest 3.21 – Beta – Promotional Photos


After the events in Death Benefit, the team hasn’t split up as I had feared. All of them went into hiding after Decima and Greer (John Nolan) activated Samaritan. Greer fooled Sen. Garrison (John Domaninto giving Decima and Samaritan access to a small portion of New York City surveillance feeds to find a ‘terrorist’ when all his and Decima’s goal really was to find Harold Finch (Michael Emerson). Shaw (Sarah Shahi), Reese (Jim Caviezel), Finch and Root (Amy Acker) are ‘obstacles’ in the way of Greer’s plans, whatever they are


Harold built his own massive surveillance system and knows how to hide from one. Finch can hide himself well but not his past. I don’t believe Finch ever thought when he built the Machine with its checks in place, that there would ever be a system more powerful than his own with none of those fail safe measures in place to keep its power from being exploited. And now Samaritan is being misused in the worst way possible. As a means to search out those that can stop the evil men abusing it and those men are not above using an innocent woman as bait.


In the press release for Beta Decima and Greer are hunting down Shaw and Reese, but Greer’s main target is Finch. He can’t find Harold but does find out about Grace Hendricks (Carrie Preston) through Samaritan’s search for Harold Finch. How low and evil is this man Greer to use an innocent woman who never had any knowledge of who Harold was and what he had done? I can only hope that Samaritan’s beta test is a huge failure. If not now, soon.


The team seams to be working on a way to save Grace. How far has Harold been pushed? I don’t think Harold wants to resort to killing and bloodshed but he’s backed down as much as he can. I have no doubt Harold Finch won’t hesitate anymore to end a life to save one, especially one of his own.


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