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Person of Interest 3.20 Death Benefit Video Highlights

Written by Blue Finch   // April 19, 2014

Harold Finch Death Benefit

Person of Interest 3.20 Death Benefit Video Highlights


When I first watched the promo for Death Benefit, I just knew this was not going to be an episode where the number is saved and everything ends well before the ending credits roll. Listening to the song Medicine playing and the words in it, I knew Death Benefit wouldn’t end well, at all. Whenever the Person of Interest producers use a song track like this things at the end are intense. And I was right, oh how I hated to be so right.


In the last episode of Person of Interest, Most Likely To, the government was forced to shut down its Northern Lights program. But the Machine is still giving out numbers. In the opening scene from Death Benefit, Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Shaw (Sara Shahi) stop two drug dealers from attempting to kill one another over money. The team is still receiving irrelevant numbers but they ask themselves who the Machine is giving the relevant numbers to now the government’s not taking the calls. We find out for sure that the Machine did re-task itself and is giving the relevant numbers to Root (Amy Acker). She rides up on a motorcycle (yes a motorcycle when NYC has been in an Ice Age all winter and early spring) and tells Shaw she needs her help. They have a relevant number in Alaska. Root flippantly tells Lurch (Reese) he’s going on vacation too, Harold (Michael Emerson) is going to call to tell John he needs him in Washington, DC.


Later Reese meets up with Finch  to find out their number is a U.S. congressman. Who and why anyone wants him dead is a mystery. Vigilance is ruled out because Congressman McCourt has openly opposed any kind of government surveillance on the country’s citizens. Decima would most likely want him dead but Finch doesn’t believe killing a congressman is something even Decima would do.


There is some light hearted banter between Reese and Finch while they are staking out the number. John asks if Finch can put the screeching cat out of its misery. Finch is listening to opera but turns off the radio and promises Reese he can be the DJ next time and pick the music. Harold politely turns down John’s offer to sing for him next time. But from here on out events in Death Benefit go dark and get even darker. Reese fires random shots at McCourt to alert them he is in danger and later poses as a secret service agent assigned to McCourt after ‘the shooting.’


McCourt seems like a likable guy with no enemies. Not even his wife could want him dead because she knows and doesn’t care about McCourt and his aide’s extra-curricular activities. When Reese’s cover is eventually blown and he assumes it was Decima’s doing he kidnaps the congressman to protect him from the group.


Reese and Finch with McCourt in tow think Decima is responsible for attacks on the man now and with Shaw’s help they end up hiding in a residence left unoccupied by its vacationing owners. After talking to McCourt several times the team eventually finds out the congressman has been lying the whole time. He is actually working with Decima to get Samaritan operational. McCourt could be unwittingly causing the deaths of many.


With swat and the FBI closing in on them, Reese thinks the Machine gave them McCourt’s number not to save him but assassinate him. Harold can’t understand the Machine wanting them to take a life and not save one. If that is what their mission has come to he wants no part of any of it anymore. Reese pulls his gun and moves towards the congressman, Harold’s only word a pleading, “John?”


Why John didn’t kill him we are left to wonder as Reese, Shaw and Finch flee the police swat team. Shaw is wounded and they are seen driving away in I assume a stolen car. Back in NYC, the three are on foot and alluding the police there, when Finch looks up at a camera. When two policemen exit a doorway, Shaw and Reese turn to walk back the way the came and Finch is gone.


Death Benefit The Empty Library

 An Empty Library


Why has he left? To protect Shaw and Reese? To deal with Decima on his own? Has he really lost faith in his Machine and their mission?



Death Benefit Video Clip: Hop On


Removing Obstacles

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