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Person of Interest 3.08 – Endgame – Rebroadcast

Written by Blue Finch   // May 25, 2014

Carter and Paul

Person of Interest 3.08 – Endgame – Rebroadcast

Person of Interest’s eight episode of Season Three, Endgame, to be rebroadcast Tuesday, May 27, 2014, was the first in a three part arc involving the eventual take down of the organization known as HR. Although Reese (Jim Caviezel) had offered his and Finch’s (Michael Emerson) help in Detective Carter’s (Taraji P Henson) covert investigation into finding the head of HR, she declined the men’s help, wanting to do this on her own. Carter eventually had found out from a dying Detective Terney (Al Sapienza), Alonzo Quinn (Clarke Peters) was the head of HR, and Endgame was Carter’s play pitting HR and the Russian crime syndicate headed by Peter Yogorov (Morgan Spector) against the other to get the concrete proof she needed to take to a judge not in either group’s pocket. Unfortunately the judge she ended up going to was in fact in HR’s pocket. Only a phone call to her son that changed her mind into asking for Reese and Finch’s help, saved her. It was a set up, Quinn, his second, Officer Patrick Simmons (Robert John Burke) were there and were going to kill Carter. Only Finch recorded everything the criminals had said and Reese stormed the judge’s house to rescue Carter. Simmons escaped but Reese and Carter had the HR boss Quinn.

Endgame also showed flashbacks about Carter’s ex-husband Paul (Laz Alonso), what had eventually lead to their divorce, her ex finally getting help with his PTSD and present day Paul and her son Taylor (Kwoade Cross) together. Paul was a much better father now and someone Carter trusted to care for her son and protect him while she put herself in danger going after HR.


Endgame” – The POI team’s war with HR nears a boiling point when Finch receives 38 numbers at once from The Machine. He discovers they are connected to an unknown player who is inciting an all-out war between the crime organization and the Russian mob. Meanwhile, a window into Carter’s past is seen through flashbacks with her son’s father, on a rebroadcast of PERSON OF INTEREST, Tuesday, May 27 (10:01-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. (Originally broadcast 11/12/13.)

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Jim Caviezel     (Reese)

Michael Emerson     (Finch)

Taraji P. Henson     (Carter)

Kevin Chapman     (Detective Fusco)

Sarah Shahi     (Shaw)

Amy Acker     (Root)


Robert John Burke     (Officer Patrick Simmons)

Enrico Colantoni     (Carl Elias)

Clarke Peters     (Alonzo Quinn)

Morgan Spector     (Peter Yogorov)

David Valcin     (Scarface)


Dustyn Gulledge     (Parkway Russian Passenger)

Aleksander Mici     (Parkway Russian Driver)

Tom Patrick Stephens     (Parkway Uni)

Nick Mennell     (Nikolai)

Jeb Kreager     (Detective Stan Mitchell)

Tony Ward     (Officer Vogel)

Laz Alonso     (Paul Carter)

Markita Prescott     (Lori)

Ben Livingston     (Lead FBI Agent Barnes)

Paul O’Brien     (Judge Andrew Monahan)

Kwoade Cross     (Taylor Carter)

Matt Dellapina     (Officer Brady)

Tre Jamison     (Young Taylor Carter)

WRITTEN BY: Nic Van Zeebroeck and Michael Sopczynski

DIRECTED BY: Sylvain White





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 Person of Interest airs on CBS Tuesdays 10/9c.



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