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Paige Turco As the Mysterious Zoe Morgan On CBS’ Person Of Interest

Written by Blue Finch   // June 28, 2013

Paige Turco, Zoe Morgan, Person Of Interest

Paige Turco Depicts the Mysterious Zoe Morgan With Class On CBS’ Person Of Interest


As John Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) quickly work to determine how Zoe Morgan may be in danger on Person Of Interest, they realize that this is not a damsel in distress situation. Paige Turco’s character Zoe is what people call a fixer, cool under pressure and confident all the time. If you have a problem, you call her and she will fix it, for a fee or a favor, depending on who you are.


Over the course of POI’s first season, Zoe Morgan starts as someone they want to protect from harm. Next time we see her, Harold, who is trying to prevent an innocent man of being convicted of a crime he did not commit, asks for her assistance in dealing with the political side of the situation.  Then, in the first season’s finale, Zoe’s skills for reading people lead her to the truth, but it is too late to save Harold.


Zoe Morgan is a character on Person Of Interest that we know little about personally, but by the end of season one she is a trusted friend to Finch and Reese.


During Person Of Interest second season, we are able to savor the chemistry between Paige Turco and Jim Caviezel that is just briefly touched on in season one. A prime example would be when Reese is on a date and not doing well, Finch had the foresight to have Zoe waiting in the wings to assist him. And she does so effortlessly.


The next time we see Zoe Morgan, she and John end up playing house and living in the suburbs. This forces them to spend time together and lots of it. The way that she is able to throw him off balance is wonderful. Zoe brings out a different, softer side of Reese that we will not see often, but it is enjoyable when we do.


Later in the season while at a hotel, Zoe runs into the fellows while they are working and ends up helping them out. You have to wonder what the guys would do without her to assist them with some of their more covert operations.


Although an ankle injury ended her dreams of being a ballerina, Paige Turco changed her career trajectory by studying drama in college. She started out on television on soap operas and has been acting steadily ever since. As Paige continues to amaze, my hope is that we will learn more about Zoe Morgan in POI’s third season.


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