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Larry King Interviews Person of Interest’s Michael Emerson

Written by managerie   // March 10, 2015

Person of Interest, Michael Emerson, Larry King

Larry King Interviews Person of Interest’s Michael Emerson


Larry King and Michael Emerson are meeting over a table at the Trump International Hotel and Tower at Columbus Circle. That means Michael didn’t have to drive too far. As Emerson says in the interview, Person of Interest is a show that keeps him on his toes. It has a noir and gritty feel that appealed to him immediately. The idea that it was set in New York City was also a bonus. Michael speaks about how the city is a character of its own. The feel of POI is different from his earlier work.


Michael does a summation of where Person of Interesis this season saying,

It’s now in season four. We now have our Machine, our AI is at war with an even more powerful one who is run by shady characters with government connections.

He explains how the characters are now in hiding saying they are—”Off the grid.”


Larry King asks why Person of Interest is successful and Michael answers rather quickly that it has to do with

People like the idea that some guy is willing to step outside the law to stop villains.


Larry showed an amusing clip from episode 16 Blunt. The exchange between Finch and Reese is funny as Michael’s character (Harold Finch) attempts to stop a line of questioning from Jim Caviezel’s character (John Reese) on how Finch knows so much about obtaining marijuana.


Of course there were a lot of questions about Lost. When Larry quotes a review that Ben Linus has been called one of the greatest villain of television history Michael giggles. Michael is charming and erudite as ever. Emerson is adorable with his spiky hair in its natural color and Finch’s sideburns. Michael wears a soft gray sweater vest with a dress shirt and periwinkle striped tie with beige accents.


They end the interview with a rapid quiz session called If You Only Knew. Michael is flustered and declares, “This is a terrible quiz.” However, we learned that Michael has no children and is perfectly content with his little dog Chumley.


Overall it seemed that Larry enjoyed the conversation with Michael Emerson and was very impressed with him. Of course, we the loyal viewers of Person of Interest knew Michael Emerson was a charming and talented fellow all along.


 Larry King Talks With Michael Emerson

Person of Interest Tuesday’s 10/9c on CBS



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