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Katheryn Winnick Joins Guest Cast of POI 4×18 “Skip”

Written by Blue Finch   // March 16, 2015

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Katheryn Winnick Joins Guest Cast of POI 4×18 “Skip”


Katheryn Winnick who plays the “butt-kicking Lagertha on History’s Vikings” is the latest to join the guest cast of Person of Interest. I am not familiar with the actress or the show she currently stars in on the history channel. Winnick’s other previous TV credits include Nikita, The Glades and Bones if any of you want to check Ms. Winnick out on those shows.


Winnick will appear in Person of Interest season 4 episode 18, Skip, as Frankie Wells, a resourceful, relentless bounty hunter who enjoys her job of chasing down bad guys perhaps a bit too much. A skip many of you know is often what someone out on bail who flees to avoid being tried is called. Skip tracers are used by bail bondsmen and bounty hunters to find find them then bring that person to stand trial. Bounty hunting and skip tracing is mistakingly used synonymously. (Pardon me if I’m wrong.) If Frankie enjoys her job a bit too much she could be an unintentional perpetrator.


It’s not been revealed yet if Frankie will be Reese and Finch’s latest number. (Yes the POI) If so, is she another perpetrator or victim that is tied into the Samaritan/The Machine AI war or the battle for the streets of New York City between Elias an Dominic? I’m betting on the latter if either is the case. Or is this one of the rare numbers The Machine gives out of that is neither. (No mention of either but Harper Rose from Blunt returns.)


From the photo below I believe this episode was written by Ashley Gable and directed by Helen Shaver. There is going to be another short hiatus after the episode Blunt (CBS has a repeat of Nautilus airing Tuesday 3/16) so it will be mid or latter March (24th) when Skip will air.


Katheryn Winnick, Jim Caviezel, writer Ashley Gable and director Helen Shaver.

Katheryn Winnick, Jim Caviezel, writer Ashley Gable, director Helen Shaver.


New pictures from TVLine of John Reese, Lionel Fusco and the POI of the week, Frankie Wells.

TVLine, 4x18

TVLine, 4x18

 Person of Interest Skip” will air Tuesday March 24 10/9c on CBS



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