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Jim Caviezel Embodies Person of Interest’s John Reese

Written by Blue Finch   // June 27, 2013

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Jim Caviezel Embodies Person of Interest’s John Reese


Best known to most people for his role as Jesus Christ in The Passion of the Christ (2004), Jim Caviezel demonstrates his acting talents and athletic ability each week on CBS playing John Reese in Person of Interest.


When season 1 Person of Interest began in 2011, John Reese appears as a homeless man who is disenchanted with the world and his place in it. He is soon found by billionaire Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) who hires Reese and gives him a purpose again. Mr. Reese, who was an Army Ranger in Special Forces, is perceived dead by his last employer the CIA and everyone who knew him. Having been a highly trained operative, who is extremely intelligent, skilled in martial arts and proficient with multiple firearms and weapons, Reese utilizes his many talents to assist Finch in his new mission. Together, these two men attempt to prevent crimes before they occur. During the course of season one, they expanded their team to include NYPD Homicide Detectives Joss Carter (Taraji P. Henson) and Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman).


Hailing from Mount Vernon, Washington, Jim Caviezel was one of five children born into a close Catholic family. Although he had hoped to play basketball in the NBA, those dreams were dashed after a foot injury occurred while playing for Bellevue Community College.


Fortunately for us, Jim Caviezel chose acting as his profession. In 1993, he received an acting scholarship to Juilliard School in New York. However, he chose not to attend the school and opted instead to accept the role of Warren Earp in the film Wyatt Earp (1994).

John Reese and Carl Elias

Since that decision, we have been blessed with Jim Caviezel’s wonderful performances, including John Sullivan in Frequency (2000), Jerry in Pay It Forward (2000) and Edmond Dantes in The Count Of Monte Crisco (2002) to mention a few.


Watch Person of Interest this fall on CBS as season three begins on the show’s new night and time (Tuesdays, 10/9c) as Jim Caviezel continues to bring subtle nuances to his character John Reese and continue to be amazed.


Jim Caviezel and Jonathan Nolan Discuss Person of Interest



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