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Honor Among Thieves – Loved It? Hated It? Let Us Know!

Written by Blue Finch   // November 12, 2014

Person of Interest Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves – Loved It? Hated It? Let Us Know!


At first from all the sneak peeks, the promo, and the press release, l thought Honor Among Thieves, was just a bit of rehashing of season two’s Bury The Lede but with Shaw instead of Reese. However, once I got into the show I was pleasantly surprised. The action was intense, the banter and mystery between the thieves kept me on the edge of my seat. The Irrelevant’s number turned deadly (not only for him but for everyone when it was not gold or jewels the number heisted but vials of a deadly virus.) and relevant. Indigo, the code name for the agents sent when The Machine still gave the government relevant numbers, has been retired and there is a new Crimson team working basically for Samaritan. I was pleasantly surprised to watch a fun little exchange between Fusco and Reese during a shoot out to help out Shaw and the number escape the Crimson team. Got to love Fusco. He has no clue half the time what Reese will get him into, but Lionel is always right there no matter what. Bear even got in on the action, the drug sniffing K-9 assisting in the arrest of the female gang member, to insinuate Shaw into a a band of international jewel thieves.


But this was Shaw’s episode. Her actions not only saved the POI’s life, but the two together saved more than a few irrelevant lives. It might be scary that revenge exacted by an angered former gang member could have started a deadly epidemic, it is even scarier to think what Samaritan wanted those vials for. Shaw got away in part because one of Samaritan’s Crimson team allowed her to. But at what cost? I doubt Samaritan will let that operative live much longer, but his erasure of surveillance footage not only caught the AI’s attention, it now may have Shaw’s facial recognition to show its Admin, Greer.


Finch’s moral compass is sure spinning wildly. Harold reflected on some of the seemingly wonderful things Castro did for his country. Yeah Fidel created a nice gilded cage for the Cuban people. But it’s still a cage. I hope Finch isn’t having second thoughts about sabotaging that building because Samaritan’s motives for supplying tablets to young children may have seemed good. This same machine that had part in a noble cause, of doing something wonderful for young minds, also wanted control of a deadly virus. It is going to be really hard on Harold Finch before things ever get better, unfortunately, he may have to do more bad things for a good cause. That’s the un-fortunes of war.



Will Samaritan Identify Shaw?

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