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Person of Interest 3.20 Death Benefit – Extended Promo

Written by Blue Finch   // December 4, 2014

Death Benefit

Person of Interest 3.20 Death Benefit – Extended Promo



“Death Benefit” – Reese poses as a Secret Service agent to get close to the latest POI, a U.S. congressman who may hold the key to derailing Decima’s plans to bring a second Machine on-line, on a rebroadcast of PERSON OF INTEREST, Tuesday, Dec. 23 (10:01-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. (Originally broadcast 4/15/14.)

I wrote this article back in April before Death Benefit aired. I am going to poke fun at myself at m often wrong predictions by adding what really happened. My middle initial is K and obviously it does not stand for Kreskin. What actually transpired is edited in red by the way.


In the next episode of Person of Interest, S03E20 ‘Death Benefit‘, I had thought that the swat team was descending on Grace’s house, but on further review and added bits in this extended promo it appears it could be the congressman’s home. Reese (Jim Caviezel) shooting at someone who is next to an SUV, while Finch (Michael Emerson) is crouched behind a parked car. Fleeing in the woods from the swat team or Greer’s men? Is that Shaw being shot? Speaking of Greer (Jonah Nolan), is Samaritan now on-line and does the swat team or whoever is pursuing Shaw, Reese and Finch have something to do with Greer’s removing the obstacles?


It was the congressman’s house. Reese and Finch, before being ‘rescued’ by Shaw, spent a fair amount of time protecting the congressman from Decima’s men before the team found out that those men were actually protecting Congressman McCourt. Reese, Finch, and Shaw were fleeing the police and FBI because they were supposed to have kidnapped McCourt. John assumed that TM wanted them to assassinate the man because he was behind a government proposal to use Decima’s Samaritan in place of TM. John didn’t kill anyone and they fled into the woods. Shaw was shot. And as Samaritan got a trial run with access to government feeds to NYC supposedly to ferret out terrorists in the city Greer was actually using it to hunt down the team.


I think Grace (Carrie Preston) was mistakenly added to the original CBS press release for Death Benefit as she has been taken off the list of recurring characters in an edited version of that press release. This is just speculation on my part but maybe Grace’s number will come up in a future episode, possibly S03E21 ‘Beta’.


Grace was actually in the next episode Beta. She was kidnapped by Decima and used in a hostage exchange. Harold, who had bolted because he wanted no part of murder and went into hiding, showed up in time to exchange himself for an innocent Grace Hendricks. 


The episode Death Benefit is going to be an emotional, intense and dangerous one. I am both excited and anxious for Tuesday the 15th. I think Nolan and company are going to pull out all the emotional stops they can think of for the fans as the show heads toward’s its season finale. The cliffhanger heading into season four is going to be….


Person of Interest, Death Benefit, was emotional, intense and dangerous. Finch, as we know about his fears and all the predecessors of TM with their tendency for violence towards Harold and other AI, thought his worst nightmares had come true. He believed TM was ordering a murder. Even now at the mid-point of season four and although working with TM again, Harold still has his fears about his AI.


Death Benefit – Original Extended Promo

Person of Interest CBS Tuesday Dec. 23 10/9c



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