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CBS Promotional Video for POI 4×14 – ‘Guilty’

Written by Blue Finch   // February 4, 2015

Harold Finch, Guilty, Person of Interest

CBS Promotional Video for POI 4×14 – ‘Guilty’


In Person of Interest season 4 episode fourteen, Guilty, we know The Machine sets up Finch’s (Michael Emerson) alias Harold Whistler to sit in on the jury of a murder trial. In the promotional photos Harold is seated next to another one of the prospective jurors, Emma (Blaire Brown) and Reese (Jim Caviezel) is standing near the wall in the courtroom. From the promo—”Our new number is sitting right next to you,” John informs his partner over their comm link. (Did Reese answer the Machine’s call this time seeing Finch’s reaction when John told him Emma was their new number?)


Is the defendant guilty and is someone making sure they are acquitted? Or the opposite—is the defendant innocent and being railroaded? Either way, someone is willing to kill to fix the trial’s outcome. Speaking of fix, Zoe Morgan (Page Turco) is shown briefly in the video promo.


Emma’s life is in danger; there’s the point of red from the laser sight of a gun before someone fires at her through the window. Will Zoe help them figure out why killing Emma will rig the proceedings; who is the fellow juror tampering with the trial? Of course Harold can’t try to get out of jury duty like everyone else as John first suggests, but maybe Emma wishes she should have.

Guilty – Press Release and Synopsis


“Guilty” – When the Machine arranges for Finch to sit on the jury of a murder trial, he begins to suspect that a fellow juror is set to rig the proceedings. Meanwhile, Reese begins to open up to the department’s therapist—Iris (Wrenn Schmidt).

Promo for Person of Interest 4×14 ‘Guilty’

Person of Interest 4×14 ‘Guilty’ airs Tuesday Feb 10 10/9c on CBS



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